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The Arcuri scandal continues

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MaizieD Thu 01-Apr-21 08:22:05

The Arcuri thread has been hijacked, but I don't think the scandal should be sidelined.

Fresh revelations today from, of all papers, the Daily Mail!
Apparently, when the affair was initially investigated the tory party paid Johnson's legal bill of some £10,000 out of party funds. The Mail doesn't seem to approve. It also notes the expensive refurbishments of the PM's flat, not in a friendly way..

The BTL comments are interesting, too. The one that amused me was the assertion that the DM was becoming left wing.

Sarnia Thu 01-Apr-21 08:26:12

Both Boris Johnson and David Cameron need to be thoroughly investigated over the recent disclosures about them.

Polarbear2 Thu 01-Apr-21 08:38:24

I gather they’re now looking into 700k that she put into her company to start up. Some suspicion as to where it came from. I remember when sleaze like this resulted in a resignation. Then again if not Johnson, who? There’s no one close to him I’d trust.

Casdon Thu 01-Apr-21 08:42:50

There have been rumours for a while that he isn’t happy in the PM role, so maybe this will be the get out of jail card for him (bad choice of phrase, but you know what I mean). When the Daily Mail is critical it must be serious.

MaizieD Thu 01-Apr-21 09:07:03

When the Daily Mail is critical it must be serious.

It couldn't be an elaborate April Fool, could it?