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Egypt's new museum

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Franbern Sun 04-Apr-21 09:04:00

Saw some shots on the news on the wonderful procession that Egypt arranged when they moved all their ancient Mummies, etc to the new museum. What a brillaint spectacle. So nice to see something like this, at present.

So much for those that say only UK can organise and run such brilliant public events. I really do hope we will see a full film of this parade on tv sometime soon.

sodapop Sun 04-Apr-21 09:07:27

It was fantastic Franbern we watched it as well. Something really uplifting to see when we all feel a bit down.

silverlining48 Sun 04-Apr-21 09:12:13

It was a great spectacle indeed. Ist have been amazing to have witnessed it.

TerriBull Sun 04-Apr-21 09:12:39

Looked fantastic! some of the world's greatest antiquities. Definitely invoked that often wrongly word "awesome"

TerriBull Sun 04-Apr-21 09:18:32

should have typed "wrongly used"

baubles Sun 04-Apr-21 09:31:02

Yes the procession looked wonderful. I only saw a snippet but I’ll try to find it to watch again.

Boz Sun 04-Apr-21 09:33:58

As I watched it, I couldn't help thinking that they had indeed attained an Afterlife; albeit not what they envisaged but still a continuation of sorts.

Sago Sun 04-Apr-21 10:38:08

Here’s a link, 30 second advert to endure, sorry.

Littleannie Sun 04-Apr-21 14:29:15

There are several videos of this on YouTube

lemongrove Sun 04-Apr-21 16:06:21

Who says that ‘only the UK can organise and run brilliant public events’ ? !
Egypt was doing that long before any country in Europe in any case.
The Cairo Museum is fantastic, and well worth a visit.

Oldbat1 Sun 04-Apr-21 16:27:10

I hope there is a longer version of this event available. Amazing achievement. We went to see the exhibits in the Cairo museum but would love to visit this new museum.

Littleannie Sun 04-Apr-21 17:46:58

Go to YouTube, search 'Egypt parade of mummies', there are several videos. Some are over 2 hours long!