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Boris Johnson can't name current Conservative West of England mayor

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varian Mon 19-Apr-21 17:59:59

Does this show that he is suffering from covid induced brain fog or that he can't be bothered to find out the basic facts before he poses for a photo-opportunity because he is so arrogant that he thinks his ignorance won't matter to the readers of the Tory tabloids who would vote for a sack of potatoes with a blue rosette?

MaizieD Mon 19-Apr-21 19:40:17

Very amusing really, as the mayor in question is in post and is a tory...

The truth is that Johnson just can't be a--ed with detail... He was just as bad before he had covid.

Septimia Mon 19-Apr-21 19:55:33

Of course, he should have done his homework. But i wouldn't have known either.

Margiknot Mon 19-Apr-21 20:03:40

As someone ( rather older than Boris) who often can’t find words or names (I very well know - I just can’t get the name I want- as soon as I stop trying the name or word will return to the tip of my tongue) I can sympathise!

Blossoming Mon 19-Apr-21 20:24:50

Ah, but Margiknot you’re not running the country!

Dinahmo Mon 19-Apr-21 22:40:45


Of course, he should have done his homework. But i wouldn't have known either.

But you're not the current PM!

Deedaa Mon 19-Apr-21 22:45:55

Of course he doesn't know. He thinks waffleing around makes him look busy and too important to bother himself with this sort of stuff. Just as he's too busy and important to comb his hair or tuck his shirt in.

varian Sat 24-Apr-21 20:42:03

And yet they will vote for him!

25Avalon Sat 24-Apr-21 20:49:41

Tim Bowles. None of us wanted to spend money on W of E Mayor. I didn’t vote. This time I might and if I do it will be for Dan Norris of Labour. He lives local and was a very good constituency MP for the old Wansdyke area.