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Is this the best they can do?

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varian Wed 05-May-21 14:51:43

According to the Express all Brexit news is good news.

This latest headline proclaims- "What exodus? Project Fear proved WRONG as City of London stands firm after Brexit PROPHETS of doom who claimed Brexit would trigger a mass exodus of jobs from the City of London have been proven wrong, City Minister John Glen has said."

Mr Glen was speaking after EY’s Brexit tracker estimated roughly 7,500 jobs and £1.2 trillion in assets have left the City since the UK voted to quit the EU in 2016. The figure is vastly below wild projections including by Xavier Rolet, former chief executive of the London Stock Exchange, who claimed more than 230,000 jobs could be lost."

So we are supposed to celebrate the fact that (so far) only 7,500 jobs and £1.2 trillion in assets have been been lost in London's financial sector because of Brexit and this is all just fine because some Remainer suggested it could be even worse!!!!

vampirequeen Wed 05-May-21 14:58:42

Typical Daily Express spin.

Rosie51 Wed 05-May-21 15:03:01

The Express? Isn't that the "newspaper" that has front page forecast the coldest winters in history every year for absolutely ages, and been wrong every time smile I don't think I'd believe them if they told me today is Wednesday until I checked the calendar.

varian Wed 05-May-21 16:17:39

I recall the Express running an "anti Common Market" campaign in the 1960s - well before we joined what is now the European Union.

The thrust of their opinion is the distrust of foreigners and the promotion of the worst sort of nationalism.

However, it is still to me incredible that even their most loyal readers could accept the news that such harm has been done to our country because of brexit as good news because one of the critics of brexit predicted it could be worse.

We seem to me to be in the age of "Newspeak" - black is white, lies are true, brexit, however bad, is always good.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 05-May-21 16:38:47

I suggest you look at @jefferson_MFG where you will find all the latest investment projects in UK manufacturing, here are a few Austria owned F1 team Red Bull is building a new multi million pound Engine Factory in Milton Keynes, Ibstock aim to build the worlds first Net zero brick factory in the West Midlands.

Oh and Vauxhall is introducing a third shift at its Luton factory. (Britain’s biggest commercial vehicle plant to meet unprecedented demand for the Vivaro, Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch vans built at the Bedfordshire site)

Lots of positivity around, easy to locate.

mokryna Wed 05-May-21 16:45:50

One of my young economics students has his French university offering a choice for a year studying in either UK or Holland. He has chosen Holland because he can’t see any future in the UK. I am only repeating what he said.

keepingquiet Wed 05-May-21 16:46:14

Probably because we did a deal in the end which means we're paying more now for stuff we didn't have to pay for before. Brexit was always and only about the power base of the Tory party and the lining of the pockets of tax dodgers.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 06-May-21 13:50:22

Grimsby based manufacturer Young’s Seafood, the towns biggest employer is increasing production creating more than 400 new jobs to meet increasing demand.

Chestnut Thu 06-May-21 17:01:24

Well done GrannyGravy13, bringing some sunlight into the gloom and doom of remainerland. No-one thought for a moment there wouldn't be ups and downs after Brexit, and big changes. Let's wait a year or two for the dust to settle before making judgements. Meanwhile, I'm sure remainers will keep looking for negative news so they can proclaim 'I told you so'.

lemongrove Thu 06-May-21 17:09:58

Just watching an item on the news that says the UK is set for a boom in spending, house prices are buoyant and the economy will do really well.I know it’s not what some wish to hear.?

Smileless2012 Thu 06-May-21 18:19:51

Just heard that too lemongrove it's good news isn't itsmile.

varian Thu 06-May-21 18:23:37

It is important to try to sell fish and seafood hear as our fishermen have lost so much of their market because of brexit.

Of course we can expect the economy to recover and make up for the damage done by covid, but the damage done by brexit may never be overcome.

Alegrias1 Thu 06-May-21 18:26:22

Spending boom, great.......and at the end of 2021, we'll be back where we were at the end of 2019. If we're lucky.

Let’s not get carried away. It takes us back by the end of this year to the level of output we had essentially at the end of 2019 pre-Covid. So that is good news in the context of where we’ve been, but it still means that two years of output growth have been lost to date,” he said.

growstuff Thu 06-May-21 18:32:38


Just watching an item on the news that says the UK is set for a boom in spending, house prices are buoyant and the economy will do really well.I know it’s not what some wish to hear.?

Why on earth wouldn't people want to hear that the economy is predicted to recover? Baffling comment hmm!

The anti-lockdown brigade were the ones who were all doom and gloom.

Casdon Thu 06-May-21 19:04:31

This is what was actually said, I’ve lifted it off the BBC news page.

The UK economy will enjoy its fastest growth in more than 70 years in 2021 as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, according to the Bank of England.
The economy is expected to expand by 7.25% this year, with extra government spending helping to limit job losses.
However, it follows a contraction of 9.9% in 2020, the biggest in 300 years.
Andrew Bailey, the governor of the Bank of England, said the recovery was "strong" but likened it to "more of a bounce back" than a boom.
He added that the surge in growth, while "good news", would only return the UK economy back to its 2019 size.

It is good news that the recovery is now predicted to take place more quickly than the original prediction of course.

Dinahmo Thu 06-May-21 19:08:50

House prices are buoyant because of the stamp duty holiday which has been extended to 30 June for properties up to £500,000. There is then a tapering period up to 30 September.

The lost duty will have to be made up from some other form of taxation.