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Alexa Sat 22-May-21 16:34:35

I can find no way to recapitulate the discussion. I took the concern seriously. Here is the reply from the NHS:

Aveline Sat 22-May-21 17:18:07

Link didn't work

Eloethan Sat 22-May-21 19:51:36

Page can't be accessed. Will try and look elsewhere.

It may be scaremongering or it may be true. It's certainly worth checking on. Access to complete medical records - unless the data is anonymised - would be a godsend for many commercial organisations.

MaizieD Sat 22-May-21 20:05:46

I had a look yesterday, the 'myths' they busted weren't really related to the greatest fear, sale of our data to commercial interests. The By-Line Times article I read said that the new NHS bill doesn't specifically state that our data will not be sold. Which rings huge alarm bells.

Article and links to GP opt4
1 out and NHS opt out:

MaizieD Sat 22-May-21 20:07:01

'opt4 1 out' shock

Cat tripped daintily across my keyboard just before I pressed 'send' grin

MaizieD Sat 22-May-21 20:12:22

P.S The link to the NHS opt out page in the article includes the 'myth busting' section