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Belarus high jacking Ryan air flight

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Kamiso Mon 24-May-21 18:24:05

A terrifying experience for all concerned especially the young journalist. Other passengers said that he was terrified. I hope this isn’t going to set a precedent for others to follow.

EllanVannin Mon 24-May-21 18:51:59

I was just taken aback that it was a Ryanair flight. shock
Sadly I don't fancy the chances of the journalist.

It's not the nicest of experiences being escorted by fighter jets, as I once experienced when flying over Russia. That 3+ hours seemed endless with two Russian Mig. jets either side of a jumbo jet, with their huge red headlights.
The chap sitting in front of me was petrified and not looking forward to his onward flight to Scotland.

varian Mon 24-May-21 18:59:52

Utterly unacceptable. The corrupt regime in Belarus should not be allowed to get away with piracy.

kjmpde Mon 24-May-21 19:00:43

how did the country find out he was on the plane? where is the confidentiality of names etc?

EllanVannin Mon 24-May-21 19:29:42

It depends how confidential the passenger lists are now.

tickingbird Mon 24-May-21 19:37:46

I dread to think what is going to happen to that young man. Makes me thankful for living here for all it’s problems.

Jabberwok Mon 24-May-21 19:48:48

There was, apparently, a KGB officer on the plane, very sinister very frightening occurrence. Realistically not sure what anyone can or indeed has the will to do about it. Maybe a few sanctions, but I doubt Bellaruse will be too concerned about that. Poor young man, sadly I don't say much for his chances.