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Dominic Cummings answering questions from Parliamentary Committee

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varian Wed 26-May-21 13:55:24

Dominic Cummings left his post as Boris Johnson's special political advisor in disgrace. He is now appearing before a parliamentary committee and answering questions about the government's mishandling of the pandemic. Is he now believable?

tanith Wed 26-May-21 14:06:33

There is already a long thread on this subject.

Smileless2012 Wed 26-May-21 14:40:43

No he isn't IMO.

Sparkling Fri 28-May-21 05:57:16

That thread went way of track, that's probably why Varian started another one. I think DC is a spiteful, revengeful person, he is a liar, who did his own thing when the country buckled down. How awful for his family. He didn't have the guts to call things out at the time but was part of it. It will come back on him,night time, good job he doesn't need to work.

Lucca Fri 28-May-21 06:16:47

I think most people agree that he appears very untrustworthy. I despise him for masterminding the Brexit campaign. He may indeed be out for revenge BUT if he has proof of his allegations then of course he is believable.