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The Post Covid Decade

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PippaZ Sun 30-May-21 23:41:35

Just heard someone talking about this on the Paper Review on Sky. He suggested that while other countries would still be fighting the virus we would be coming to terms with the (reported) two-year wait for hip replacements and other areas of life which will take some time to recover.

I know we hear a lot of talk about getting back to "normal" although obviously it will not be the same as what our lives have been so far. Any ideas what will be different?

NotSpaghetti Mon 31-May-21 01:54:10

Pippa, "more or less" on the radio looked at waiting times and although it seems grim, it's not as grim (in reality) as it seems.
Worth a listen.

PippaZ Mon 31-May-21 07:03:40

Thank you NotSpaghetti. I love the programme but have missed that one. I'll catch up with it.

Listening to Today they are talking about the end to the freeze on evictions. I do hope the government is prepared to deal with a great deal of emergency housing or - and it may better for households - some way of quickly getting the benefits system in a position to help. It certainly seems we should be seeing a growth in social housing over the next decade but I doubt we will see it under this government. It could, of course, be a split decade with a change of government at some point. The world seems to have been making some tentative moves back to the centre or even, as in th USA, to an attempt at a more progressive government. This could also help our strangled NHS.