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Joanna Cherry returns to the bar to defend Marion Millar

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Zennomore Thu 24-Jun-21 19:16:15

AmberSpyglass Thu 24-Jun-21 23:22:57

Two loathsome transphobes for the price of one! Hurrah!

BlueBelle Fri 25-Jun-21 00:11:11

No idea who either are sounds as if I m happier in my ignorance

Rosie51 Fri 25-Jun-21 01:03:18

Two sensible people who actually recognise scientific reality. Baseless insults are actually worthless. Since when have ribbons in the colour of the suffragettes been transphobic?

Galaxy Fri 25-Jun-21 07:39:00

Yes and add nothing to the discussion. Joanna Cherry has been very brave in the face of violent threats.

Alegrias1 Fri 25-Jun-21 11:02:09

I will admit to being very confused about this whole thing. I know that there are very strong views on both sides but I have read around it and tried to understand it, but I'm struggling.

It seems to me that Cherry and that "side" don't want people to be able to "declare" themselves one gender or another and then immediately take advantage of any benefits that this gender can then command. So, at a base level, they don't want someone to "declare" themselves a woman and then have access to women-only places? I have some sympathy with that view.

IMO, people can identify as anything they like, but other people shouldn't be disadvantaged or threatened by that choice, if that choice can be made frivolously and spontaneously with the intent to do harm?

Please note - I don't for a minute think that the vast majority trans people do that.

Am I being too simplistic? The suggestion that Malone was tweeting a picture of a noose just tipped me over the edge, I suppose. I don't think calling her or Cherry "loathsome" adds much to the debate.

Galaxy Fri 25-Jun-21 11:06:33

Yes it's a clash of rights, its not transphobic to say that. Joanna Cherry has had to seek police protection at one stage due to the threats she was receiving.