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COP 26 in Glasgow

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varian Sun 01-Aug-21 17:53:59

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October – 12 November 2021.

What should the UK be doing to show leadership in addressing climate change?

vegansrock Sun 01-Aug-21 18:01:35

Blimey where should we start. We know we are too late to stop climate change but we are not too late to stop it getting worse. Trouble is we have to change peoples habits and that’s the hardest hurdle to climb.

varian Sun 01-Aug-21 18:12:24

The most important and significant change this country could make would be to stop, or at least severely limit trade with countries on the other side of the world.

We need to be self sufficient as far as possible but if we need to trade with other nations, that trade must b e with our nearest neighbours.

Dinahmo Sun 01-Aug-21 19:06:52

Climate change conference in planning and at the same time the govt are thinking about giving permission for an off shore oil well off the coast of Shetland. It's possible they will delay their approval until after COP26 so that they go to the conference with hand on hearts saying that they're doing everything possible.

The oil and gas industries, whilst they are "in favour" of renewables are also claiming that we need their supplies up until 2050.

There is a problem with the way in which the bases for the wind turbines are built - something to do with blasting causing damage to sea life - also the blasting for the iron ore needed and other manufacturing processes causes damage to the earth. So ways must be found in order to prevent ongoing damage. I'm sure that there are many scientists out there who are working to find remedies.

Alegrias1 Sun 01-Aug-21 19:35:12

The UK should be showing leadership in changing our economy and society to rely on sustainable energy and resource usage. So for instance changing our energy generation away from fossil fuels, like Dinahmo said.

Everything we can do as individuals is important, but the problem is so big that it needs a change in the approach at a national level, not just us recycling our old bottles, essential though that is. The action that the government has taken during the pandemic, although not perfect, has at least shown that when we have an urgent emergency on our hands, we find the money and the will to try to do what's needed. Now we need to find the money and the will to really respond to the climate crisis.

Great ideas for threads, varian!

varian Sun 01-Aug-21 19:58:20

I am afraid that our government has undermined our national credibility by its posturing and reneging on international treaties.

Grammaretto Sun 01-Aug-21 20:17:52

It is too easy to despair isn't it.
I still believe that every step in the right direction can help and this includes things like not taking holidays abroad or at least cutting down drastically.
Changing from gas and oil to electricity but making sure your electricity is from renewables.
China has been remarkable from worst to best for renewables in a few years..They also see it as being self sufficient gives them energy security
I have offered accommodation to delegates to the conference so that will be interesting that is if I get to talk to them.
We must all do what we can and work locally (think globally)

SueDonim Sun 01-Aug-21 21:07:31

Here in the NE of Scotland, it’s interesting how many in the O&G industry think hydrogen technology will be the way forward. Though hydrogen is prone to leaking through pipes, which brings its own problems.

One thing I haven’t seen anywhere is what will replace plastic. The likes of plastic bags are easy to make from paper but we are surrounded by plastic in everyday use, bottles, domestic & industrial piping, flooring, tech items, food packaging and so on. Maybe we’ll go back to earlier times, taking our lunch in tins, growing plants in terracotta pots. We already have shampoo bars, eliminating plastic bottles and bamboo toothbrushes. I’ve never stopped using soap bars and I do finally feel vindicated in sticking to what many regard as an old-fashioned item.

Ultimately, doing away with mankind is probably the only way to save the earth. The world will carry on without us.

Jaxjacky Sun 01-Aug-21 21:23:43

Thé most unpalatable would be reducing the size of families, quite how is another matter.

SueDonim Sun 01-Aug-21 21:32:39

I think we see from history that raising living standards and educating girls is the answer to reduction in family size. How we are going to do the first in particular, when the poorest are likely to be the worst affected by climate change, I do not know. If you’re living a hand-to-mouth existence, you need plenty of children to sustain that.

MerylStreep Sun 01-Aug-21 21:58:47

Royal Dutch Shell have submitted plans to the government for a floating wind farm, thereby eliminating the terrible damage done to the seabed.

MerylStreep Sun 01-Aug-21 22:07:29

The first group of people have been documented as suffering because of climate change: the Bedouin tribes.

SueDonim Sun 01-Aug-21 23:28:50

Floating wind farms don’t totally eliminate damage to the sea bed. They still need to be anchored to keep them in place.

Alegrias1 Mon 02-Aug-21 10:51:54

I guess anything we do is going to have some impact on the environment, nothing is really free of all environmental impact?

Interesting article on the BBC website this morning.

Lincslass Mon 02-Aug-21 12:37:49

My area has been involved in this for the last ten years, also another innovative local based company , has developed solar power for heating new social housing estate, my energy also based here,
Renowned for pioneering the world’s first solar-compatible EV charging device, myenergi is taking the renewable energy industry by storm. Headquartered in North-East Lincolnshire, the innovative tech firm is one of the world’s most exciting, most progressive and most disruptive green energy business.

Committed to making the planet a better place for generations to come, myenergi is changing the future through its first-to-market eco-smart home energy solutions. Combining unique capability with stylish design, each industry-defining product provides users with complete energy independence.

From zappi, the solar-compatible smart EV charger; and eddi, the UK’s #1 renewable power diverter; to harvi, an energy-harvesting wireless sensor; and hub, the energy monitor for your eco-smart devices; myenergi is creating a brighter future through truly unique technology.
So behind the scenes the worlds largest shipping port now using its expertise to benefit the world

Grammaretto Mon 02-Aug-21 13:16:23

Thats great Lincslass.
Sounds such a good initiative.
You can easily get depressed to see how much has to be done from changing peoples habits to cooperating with other nations instead of fighting them.
I heard on the world service today about how the oil companies subsidise schools in the USA.
Petroleum Pete and how could we manage without oil. Oil is in everything..........

SueDonim Mon 02-Aug-21 13:56:25

I’d just read that article with my coffee, Alegrias! It’s such a drop in the ocean, but I guess we just have to keep on keeping on and looking for solutions.

Baggs Mon 02-Aug-21 14:03:35

It's not too late to be adaptable. I recently read an interesting article about the damage sea level rise is predicted to cause and what we should be doing about that. The article said: talk to the Dutch. A large proportion of The Netherlands is below sea level already and they've found ways to deal with that.

In the rule with Nature is "adapt or die". Always has been; always will be.

Tizliz Mon 02-Aug-21 15:53:08

Why are we not doing more to reduce consumption? I am sure that the environmental cost of building wind farms exceeds the good they do, and you need so many turbines. The wind farm that serves Glasgow has 220 turbines, how many years before the electricity from that counteracts the build costs? Which? Say that it takes 8 years to recover the extra cost of an electric car.

Air conditioning is now fashionable, TVs in every room, smart gadgets every where etc.

We should be building on the trend to work from home reducing travel. Building ALL houses with better insulation.

I feel we are putting our efforts in the wrong direction

AGAA4 Mon 02-Aug-21 17:05:43

Individually we can't make major changes but we can collectively by doing smaller things help to preserve the planet.

Take less flights. Walk rather than take the car if you can. Shower instead of bathing (ten showers for one bath). Don't leave lights, TVs etc on in rooms nobody is in. (my GCs tend to do this).
If anyone can think of other ways I would like to know.