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Just found this wonderful poem on FB [grin]

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GillT57 Tue 28-Sep-21 15:11:00


Now shall the winter of our discontent
Be made more dreadful by this son of Bullingdon
And all the clouds that lower'd upon our state
Shall become pregnant with concealed deceit
Now shall th'unavailable fleet of HGVs
Deploy itself-unspeakable rhetoric
Prime all our pumps at every petrol station
Gushing vap'rous fuel to feed our politics
Now shall the migrant hordes that reach our shores
Furnish our discourse with much-needed scapegoats
And every thought of hallowed decency
Be banished to the bottom of the ocean;
Now every misplaced Brexit accusation
Will quickly be despatched with cunning guile
By the bare bodkin of Johnsonian wit
And so we shall ignore the long and short
Of it, that now we find ourselves well mired
In shit

lemongrove Tue 28-Sep-21 15:19:21

Oh, we’re back to ‘shit’ again are we? Seems popular today.

growstuff Tue 28-Sep-21 15:20:22

It rhymes with "wit".

GillT57 Tue 28-Sep-21 16:06:06

I thought it was very clever and Shakespearean in construct. The Bard used far worse language than 'shit' Lemongrove!

Eloethan Tue 28-Sep-21 17:23:48

That is brilliant. How clever.

sodapop Tue 28-Sep-21 17:28:37

Love it. Brilliant

Sarnia Wed 29-Sep-21 17:15:01

Given me a chuckle. Thank you.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 30-Sep-21 03:29:02

There is some good stuff out there.


vegansrock Thu 30-Sep-21 04:36:41


nadateturbe Thu 30-Sep-21 05:13:40

Very good.

Allsorts Thu 30-Sep-21 05:18:19