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Refugee Action - Lift the Ban report. Allow refuges to work after they have waited six months for a decision on their asylum claim

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PippaZ Sun 10-Oct-21 14:12:18

People seeking asylum in the UK are only able to apply for the right to work after they have been waiting for a decision on their asylum claim for over a year. Even then, the few people who are granted such permission are rarely able to work in practice because their employment is restricted to the narrow list of highly skilled professions included on the Government’s Shortage Occupation List.

This means that people are essentially banned from working whilst they wait months, and often years, for a decision on their asylum claim. Instead they are left to live on just £5.39 per day, struggling to support themselves and their families, while their talents are wasted and their integration set back.

No other European country enforces a 12 month ban, neither do Canada or the USA. This seems to be an entirely positive idea all round and would put an earlier target on the Home Office when it comes to processing the claims they receive. That has to be good for all, I would have thought.

Ro60 Sun 10-Oct-21 14:47:53

What a crazy situation!
So, in the mean time, they slip further into limbo, poverty, depression( no doubt), lose the chance to integrate through work and to be seen by us as valued members of our society.

poshpaws Sun 10-Oct-21 15:08:35

Tories is your answer. They don't want refugees; they're entirely lacking in common sense, compassion, any desire for inclusion. They appear still to be unaware that it was immigrants - whom refugees hope to become - who kept this country's NHS and food, medicine, fuel lines functioning. Also, they don't understand the concept of trying to live on £5.39 per day - why, my dear, the Father of the House of Commons, Worthing West Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley just explained to all us silly-billies how “desperately difficult” it is for MP's to live on £80,000 per year. He added: “I don’t know how they manage. It’s really grim.”

CoolCoco Sun 10-Oct-21 16:04:38

Th problem is the Home Office in unbelievably slow and inefficient. Why does it take 6 years to process an asylum claim? A neighbour of mine took in an asylum seeker a few years ago, he offered to do some gardening for us - however, we would've broken the law by allowing him to do a couple of hours gardening for £25. His case is still not resolved despite the fact that to go back to his country of origin would be very dangerous for him - some close family members have been killed and imprisoned.

PippaZ Sun 10-Oct-21 16:22:04

It seems cases can go on for years. They can apply for leave to work after a year if their case is still ongoing. However, they have to be able to show they can fit a job on the "Shortage Occupation List".

This list is highly restrictive and includes such professions as classical ballet dancer, nuclear medicine practitioner. and ‘geoenvironmental specialist’.

The very least they could do is find out if there are any vets, buchers, HVG drivers and doctors!

PollyTickle Sun 10-Oct-21 16:29:18

I agree with your last post PippaZ.
The shortage occupation list needs to be updated constantly.
Seems there should be vacancies to be filled at the home office to speed things up.

Katie59 Sun 10-Oct-21 18:02:03

There is plenty of low skilled work that migrants could do at least they could earn their keep while they are here. The Tories are dogma bound that our own citizens are going to fill the vacancies but havn’t got a clue how

varian Sun 10-Oct-21 18:42:20

It is absurd that refugee doctors, nurses, engineers, HGV drivers, and so many other skilled people are prevented from working in the UK.

ayse Sun 10-Oct-21 21:16:45

I’m all for refugees being allowed to work, whatever their skill set. It’s such a waste of talent in so many cases. It would also relieve that tax payer of footing the bill. The skill shortage list is obviously not working for us as seen by vacancies for hospitality staff, care workers as well as those mentioned above.

I heard that Germany is training refugees as HGV drivers.

The government is failing to protect the interests of business and the general public and being paid handsomely for doing b***er all!