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Care Quality Commission report on the gender identity services offered by the Tavistock and Portman Trust

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Iam64 Mon 27-Dec-21 15:05:25

The nhs child gender identity service has been rated inadequate and significant concerns raised. There is an article in The Specator and summary on the BBC web. The inspection followed healthcare professionals raising concerns around clinical practice, safeguarding procedures and assessments of capacity and consent to treatment.
‘’ the CQC report vindicates the journalism of good reporters … who investigated the GIDS in the face of resistance. It also shows that a ‘shoot the messenger’ culture around trans issues can do real harm.”

Galaxy Mon 27-Dec-21 15:33:28

As well as brave journalists ( one reason I hate blanket condemnation of 'the press') the whistleblowers were extraordinarily brave, the women who was safeguarding lead, sorry cant remember her name.

Doodledog Mon 27-Dec-21 15:38:03

Yes, it takes real courage to speak out against the trans movement these days. I am pleased that it has happened, though, for the sake of the children concerned.

Iam64 Mon 27-Dec-21 16:08:12

The conclusions on safeguarding, consent and assessments that focus on GID excluding wider psychological needs seem to confirm the concerns those of us seen as gender critical have been raising.