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Prince Harry threatens legal action against Home Office

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Esspee Sat 15-Jan-22 23:32:40

Hasn’t the poor Queen enough to contend with at the moment?
He says that it is too dangerous to bring his family to the U.K. and wants to pay for the police to guard them.
He has turned into a selfish, narcissistic prat.

BigBertha1 Sun 16-Jan-22 06:51:51

The answer is simple. Stay at home in California you litigious pair.

LouGransnet (GNHQ) Sun 16-Jan-22 10:51:02

The OP has asked us to remove this as there is already a very similar thread on the go. We're going to do that shortly.

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 12:21:32

Well I can’t see the other thread confused

tickingbird Sun 16-Jan-22 12:22:07

Me neither FC as I was looking for one.

Calistemon Sun 16-Jan-22 12:23:19

Here you are, FannyC

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 12:25:20

The disappearance of the ‘other’ thread and the lack of posts on this one, with any hope demonstrate that we’ve finally got Harry & Meghan Fatigue.
Maybe they really will just eventually fade into obscurity🤞

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 12:27:16

Ah! Thank you Calistemon!
That one has 5 pages!
Another case of the Active List not performing I imagine wink

Esspee Sun 16-Jan-22 12:59:49

Things apparently move slowly at GNHQ. I requested this be removed on Saturday.
Personally I was horrified he would want to add to the stresses his great grandmother must be under.

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 13:51:07

The other thread isn’t showing on the active list; I can’t find it in the Chat forum; and even though I’ve posted on it, it isn’t showing in the I’m On list.
The only way that I can access it is through Calistemon’s link on this thread.
It’s very strange, I’m going to report this post to HQ

lemsip Sun 16-Jan-22 14:37:59

it is on the active list 2 lines under this one!

ixion Sun 16-Jan-22 14:43:14

As it's a current discussion, couldn't you go to 'last hour' or 'last day', as an alternative to 'active' which doesn't seem to be treating you well?

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 15:38:08

Thank you ixion!
Yes, I’m always banging on about it, aren’t I!
I’m on the mobile site, and I can’t find last day etc. Not sure if it’s available on here

Sarnia Mon 17-Jan-22 08:50:11

I suppose the limelight faded for a moment so any excuse to be front and centre again. He is a shadow of the happy-go-lucky Harry a lot of the country had a soft spot for pre-Meghan. I think they must spend their days looking for the slightest reason why they can take someone to court. Perhaps it's their only form of income these days.

Allsorts Mon 17-Jan-22 19:48:20

I think his family should tell him to stay away. They don’t need another court battle. The Queen has enough to cope with. I doubt anyone wants them, better not to have a relationship with tge grandchildren as Harry and Megan will just use them as bargaining tools.

Nannashirlz Tue 18-Jan-22 11:01:17

Harry made his bed let him lay in it. He’s one spoiled brat and he signed for this obviously didn’t read the small print lol. He should be ashamed of himself for what he’s done and wrote. Our queen doesn’t need this at her time of life. But for him to try blackmailing her saying if I don’t get you won’t see. Is disgusting

EllanVannin Tue 18-Jan-22 11:08:23

Allsorts they're already using emotional blackmail towards the Queen in saying she'll miss seeing the children. What an obnoxious pair !

lavendermine Tue 18-Jan-22 12:47:11

This has turned into such a sad situation, and it keeps on giving. I too had a soft spot for Harry at one time, he has changed so much. It's just very sad. I wonder if things were said about Meghan either to him, or he heard about them and this is what has happened. I suppose we will never really know the truth. Very sad.

Jaberwok Tue 18-Jan-22 16:05:13

After his marriage Prince Harry went from hero to zero in a very short space of time. As has been said, the situation with him, the RF and this country is very sad, and would appear to be unrecoverable. This latest episode is just one more tantrum by an over privileged,self important spiteful petulant man child who has never had No said to him. He cannot have what the Queen and her direct heirs have, what he can have his a retired security officer(s) as Charles did for Camilla which would be perfectly adequate. Prince Charles has apparently asked them to stay at Highgrove, (security problem resolved) I think P.C is silly, as no doubt they'll refuse and cause his poor father yet more heartache. Odious man.

eazybee Tue 18-Jan-22 16:19:56

Yes, but H will be wrong-footed if he refuses.
He can come and go as he pleases but I do no want to see him at any official functions.

Jaberwok Tue 18-Jan-22 17:05:45

I agree easybee, official functions are definitely a NO, NO. What he does in a private capacity is up to him and the RF.

maddyone Tue 18-Jan-22 17:39:17

I thought this thread was going to be removed but since it’s still here I’ll follow it.