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World leader - not!

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CvD66 Thu 03-Mar-22 13:02:58

The PM regularly gaslights us with claims of the UK being a world leader - when mostly it is not. Take the sanctioning of Russians: the EU has frozen the assets of 680 individuals, the UK have named 15individuals. The PM is giving Russian banks 30 days to move their assets. The EU is seizing yachts, yet the UK hasn’t seized one of the several hundreds of properties held by Russians in the UK often under the facial golden visa arrangements ..and who have paid thousands into the Tory party funds. Now it transpires that OneWeb Ltd set up to replace the UK membership of the EU Galileo Global Navigation satellite programme, can’t launch it’s satellites as Russia (where the rockets are based) is now demanding the UK sells it stake and guarantee the system will never be used for military applications. World leader - sadly not!