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5G masts outside school

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LovelyLady Wed 09-Mar-22 13:26:34

I have just read on MN that a nursery school and junior school in Maidenhead is having a G5 phone mast built about 50 yards from their class rooms. This could be the first of many schools having this and so harming our children.
Surely I’m not absured to be extremely worried and concerned.

M0nica Wed 09-Mar-22 13:51:36

Why? What is the research that shows it can harm children?

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 09-Mar-22 13:57:02

Conspiracy theories such as the one that insisted that they cause covid?

Esspee Wed 09-Mar-22 14:14:59

I have not seen evidence that this would be harmful to anyone.

What do you base your concerns on LovelyLady?

Hithere Wed 09-Mar-22 17:08:55

I would like to see the evidence where they are harmful

MerylStreep Wed 09-Mar-22 17:20:27

I’m afraid that scare story sailed many moons ago.

Missedout Wed 09-Mar-22 17:35:21

Microwave communication started during World War 2. It's been in use for over 80 years. I think you are going to have to look very hard for evidence that the technology is harmful.

M0nica Wed 09-Mar-22 19:57:17

No response from OP. I think, in her innocence, she thought that we would share her views.

M0nica Wed 09-Mar-22 19:58:55

Most of us, possibly including LovelyLady, have an emitter of microwaves in our kitchens.