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PMQs -getting all the big calls right?

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CvD66 Wed 23-Mar-22 15:46:43

As Caroline Lucas says: 'How dare PM claim to have got all the “big calls” right? 186,094 deaths & he missed 5 COBRA meetings, late into lockdowns*, PPE preparedness fiasco, contracts to mates, £96.35 UK sick pay amongst worst in Europe; multiple school free-meal and exam fiascos'
*( late into lockdown caused 27000 extra deaths claimed Covid Thinktank)
So exactly which big calls could he be referring to - and please don't say the vaccine rollout achieved by NHS!

Dinahmo Wed 23-Mar-22 18:42:08

They're in his head and nowhere else.

varian Wed 23-Mar-22 18:47:50

Unfortunately they are not just in his head.

They are in The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Telegraph, The Times and The Sun.

Casdon Wed 23-Mar-22 18:56:32

I doubt he’d even remember his name if somebody called him, unless they shouted in his face. Maybe that’s what he meant.