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Are the Royal Family losing their touch?

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volver Sun 03-Apr-22 16:22:31

A couple of weeks ago we had the disastrous PR associated with the Caribbean tour, and now the judgement of the Queen is being questioned, for giving Prince Andrew such a prominent role in the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service.

The position of the Royal Family depends very strongly on their acceptance by, and the support of, the public both here and overseas; are they losing that?

nadateturbe Sun 03-Apr-22 17:31:42


That’s a bit unkind Gilly.

Perhaps they all drew lots and Andrew lost.


Gilly3 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:32:30


DiamondLily Sun 03-Apr-22 17:36:10

The Queen was given the slack, by the public, to invite him for Phillips memorial, but it's not going to play well with other public events.

No wonder Charles, William and the rest of them are apparently going nuts.🙄

She is no longer "reading the room".

Smileless2012 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:41:09

It was a family affair and the Queen had every right to have her son PA escort her.

I agree that it wouldn't be acceptable at public events but this was not simply a public event was it. It was a memorial service for a husband, father, GF and GGF.

snowberryZ Sun 03-Apr-22 17:45:38


Prince Andrew has apparently today deleted posts on his ex wife's Instagram account about how the Falkland's war affected him too, which were posted in the early hours.

It's sad that he felt compelled to do that.
Its as if by writing it he was hoping people would be reminded of his good traits and the days when he was well thought of. Probably hoping that people would focus on that, instead of focusing on the time he majorly stuffed up
So he let it stand for a while and then deleted it, because he realised it could be twisted and used against him.
A last ditch attempt from a desperate person perhaps?
I never thought I'd say it, but I feel a bit sorry for him.

Bridgeit Sun 03-Apr-22 17:47:04

It’s in generational order .

Urmstongran Sun 03-Apr-22 17:48:27

Moving on.

The Wessexes are due a tour of the Caribbean soon apparently. I bet lessons will have been learned.

HM the Queen has been on the throne all of my life. I just know I shall cry when she dies. Daft really, I don’t know her, have never waved a flag as she passes by. But still ...

BlueBelle Sun 03-Apr-22 17:49:15

I think the Queen, who let’s face it, is an astute old gal wanted to give a strong message this is my son suck it up
Who knows! but she’s no push over and he wouldn’t have been there if she hadn’t wanted it
I think Charles and Camilla will be good especially if they slim it down a lot At the end of the day I think they ve had it because most Royalist are just in it for the Queen when she’s gone I think the whole thing will gradually collapse

Aveline Sun 03-Apr-22 17:53:10

There's a lot of 'apparently' about all this. The media for reasons of their own have called the Caribbean tour a disaster. Not sure exactly why. A couple of photos of events that don't look great but many more events that went well but the media don't like a positive story.
Re Andrew at his father's memorial service - making mountains out of molehills. He discreetly accompanied his mother then moved quietly off until he was needed again.
I'm sure the key working members of the Royal family will continue to be appreciated in their role as general encouragers of all sorts of enterprises and the people involved.

Anniebach Sun 03-Apr-22 17:55:07

Again, who should withdraw from royal duties, Anne, Edward ,
Sophie ?

GagaJo Sun 03-Apr-22 17:55:27

They need to be very careful.

QE may have had every right to have him there, but it wasn't a private service. And in the eyes of the world, he is a paedophile.

I do wonder just how many of us would accept our children, if they did what he's done, and had associated with the people he's associated with (Epstein, Maxwell). Not to mention taking bribes.

If he were my son, I would be on very minimal contact with him.

GagaJo Sun 03-Apr-22 17:56:34

Not a royalist so my opinion isn't worth much, but it should literally be the monarch and the direct heir. No others. Get them off the payroll, out of the grace and favour houses.

Aveline Sun 03-Apr-22 17:58:16

Sigh. He's not a paedophile!

BlueBelle Sun 03-Apr-22 17:58:16

Well perhaps as his mother she knows more than we know from our ‘wonderful’ media Gagajo or maybe she just wants him with her in her last days …who knows ?

maddyone Sun 03-Apr-22 18:02:16


It was a memorial service for his Dad Maddy.
The church is for sinners.

Yes mumofmadboys but this was not an ordinary church service, nor even a private family memorial, and Andrew didn’t go there to go to confession. He was there as part of the possibly most well known family in the world. He should have been there, it was his father’s memorial when all’s said and done, but he should not have had such a prominent role. He was extremely visible to the world’s media, and to the world’s population on their televisions and newspapers, and to the royal families who were there from eight different countries. What must those other people, royal and none royal, think about our values that we prominently display a disgraced royal, who has been accused of horrible crimes, to the entire world?
Obviously Andrew has not been convicted in a court of law (sadly) but has escaped prosecution by the payment of an eye wateringly huge figure, which in my opinion is at the very least suspicious.

Urmstongran Sun 03-Apr-22 18:02:22

What are your thoughts on the subject volver? I know your not a royalist but I think you’d give a fair assessment.

Grany Sun 03-Apr-22 18:05:10

RF gets £345 million a year from tax payer

I think after queen goes we should abolish the monarchy

Calendargirl Sun 03-Apr-22 18:11:22


What are your thoughts on the subject volver? I know your not a royalist but I think you’d give a fair assessment.

A fair assessment of what exactly?

volver started this thread, I think we know her opinion of most things royal.

Ailidh Sun 03-Apr-22 18:12:11


Sigh. He's not a paedophile!


He escorted his mother through a side entrance to his father's memorial service.

That said, I don't think he should be appearing at public jubilee celebrations.

maddyone Sun 03-Apr-22 18:12:30

Annie I don’t know the answer to your question, but this is what I think. I wasn’t aware that there can only be eight working royals. Surely there can be seven, or nine? I think Charles will slim everything down anyway, and I think Andrew will find his life very different once Charles is on the throne.

Calendargirl Sun 03-Apr-22 18:17:37


Annie I don’t know the answer to your question, but this is what I think. I wasn’t aware that there can only be eight working royals. Surely there can be seven, or nine? I think Charles will slim everything down anyway, and I think Andrew will find his life very different once Charles is on the throne.

I don’t think Annie means there can only be 8 working royals, just that is what it is now. If H&M were still around, it would be 10, if Andrew was not in disgrace, there would be 11.

The named 8 are the only main ones now.

Anniebach Sun 03-Apr-22 18:19:38

maddy there are 8 working royals, I didn’t mean there should
be 8 ,but now there are 8, Charles, Camilla, William and Kate
can’t be retired, this leaves Anne, Edward and Sophie.

maddyone Sun 03-Apr-22 18:21:10

Yes, that’s what I thought Calendargirl. In other words, the number is flexible. Thanks for your clarification.

maddyone Sun 03-Apr-22 18:22:35

Yes you’re right Annie. I don’t think any of those eight will be retired until they actually want to retire, like Philip did.

PECS Sun 03-Apr-22 18:24:17

I hear a this about a mother's unconditional love & that is fine.

However it was a State occasion and not a family one. She did not have to permit him to escort her..she has 3 other children and equerries too. In my opinion it was a very deliberate move to start A's rehabilitation.
I am not suggesting he should not have attended but he could have arrived or sat with his DDs & SsIL

That tells me that the public mood has been misjudged by someone! They appeared got it wrong after Diana's death and back tracked.

There is media speculation that A will be accompanying HMQ to the Derby! It ws not long ago that Royal pundits were saying it would be at least a year from the sex scandal until A was seen publicly with the Queen.

Some mums don't believe their kids ever do bad things!