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As a now "stand alone" country how do we ensure security?

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DaisyAnne Wed 06-Apr-22 09:17:28

Brexit has made us even poorer. We are unable to trade smoothly with our nearest neighbours. We find ourselves unable to agree sufficient compensatory trade agreements with other parts of the world. While we struggle to move forward from these self-inflicted wounds, Putin has shown us we are part of Europe whilst not being part of the block of nations created to ensure Europe's security.

Putin will not stop being a threat. He may, after licking his wounds, become a more dangerous threat. Putin wants complete control over Eastern Europe - whether or not the countries involved want it. If he is ousted, he will not be replaced by a democratic government or someone with different views. The Oligopathy will not give up their riches and will still seek to extend them.

Once this war begins to be on the front pages less frequently, the USA will turn its interest back to the Pacific, which it has been looking towards for some time. Our geopolitical aims will remain vastly with France, Germany, etc., rather than the USA.

We have excluded ourselves from Europe and attacked the relationship we had. These actions have meant that we have also excluded ourselves from the security aspects of that large and more relevant body. How do we now ensure future security?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 06-Apr-22 10:20:04

By re-aligning with the European Union.

I see no other way.

It isn’t just about military security, it is about food security, fuel security and the ability to influence politics. All of this has been lessoned by the U.K. turning its back on the EU.

The U.K. has much less power and influence now, and nothing made that more obvious recently with the NATO and EU summits to which Biden but not Johnson was invited.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 06-Apr-22 10:29:15

I totally agree with you DaisyAnne. Sadly though, we are stuck with this current rotten to the core government for a few more years. In the meantime, Labour must make it clear that we are European and find a way to get back into making trading, holidaying etc., as simple as it was before. Yes, Get rid of Brexit. Get rid of lying politicians. I know they all lie to a certain extent, but this bunch have made it into an art form. Maybe the forthcoming local elections will show the Tories that they aren’t as invincible as they seem to believe. But please don’t use the pandemic or Ukraine as an excuse to not do anything!

Daisymae Wed 06-Apr-22 10:33:14

You make excellent points. I don't think that the government have given much thought into it. The world feels like a much more dangerous place than thus time last year. We are a little country with dwindling influence. I don't think that there's any easy answer.

maddyone Wed 06-Apr-22 10:38:21


Whitewavemark2 Wed 06-Apr-22 10:39:43



Yes for sure, but that is not a political entity, so won’t assist with all the other very major issues.

PECS Wed 06-Apr-22 10:47:39

With greater difficulty than whe we were part of a big club that looked out for its members, that's for sure.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 06-Apr-22 12:25:06

Food security

Nick Tyrone

Brexit as it stands then: worker shortages will decrease domestic food production in Britain, meaning we’ll need to import more food. Except, we’ve erected trade barriers with every single neighbouring country, meaning it’s much harder to import food. Spot the issue here.