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Let him get on with the job - not!

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CvD66 Thu 14-Apr-22 11:18:08

This tweet says it all:
Johnson has trashed democracy, put a border in the Irish Sea, allowed sewage to be pumped into our waterways, gridlocked Kent, removed our rights, worsened inequality and is failing to protect us from the cost of living crisis.
He should not be allowed to “get on with the job.”

Ilovecheese Thu 14-Apr-22 11:23:13

Yes it is quite scary the damage he has managed to inflict so far.

BigBertha1 Thu 14-Apr-22 11:37:33

Everything certainly feels chaotic and the moment and no-one seems to be in control of anything in the government - they have all b'd off on holiday anyway. Perhaps we should get a professional stand up comedian to do the job here - any suggestions.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 14-Apr-22 14:17:11

Sometimes I think that any competent 3-year-old could make a better job of it. John Crace in the Guardian does often talk about Mr Johnson's "toddler haircut", but please note, I did say "competent". grin

timetogo2016 Thu 14-Apr-22 14:40:08

I though we already comedians in power BigBertha1.
That being said,Ricky Gervais wouldn`t pull any punches.

VioletSky Thu 14-Apr-22 14:49:23

These threads are giving me so much hope