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Sunak finally prepared to look at a windfall tax on oil and gas companies.

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DaisyAnne Thu 28-Apr-22 08:11:58

Never mind the fear in many homes in this country about their ability to survive the chaos of the government's thinking, Sunak has to wait for the right moment for a standard Tory U-Turn.

More here:

vegansrock Thu 28-Apr-22 08:16:31

It’s a good idea, no doubt they’ll dress it up to pretend it was all their idea and call it “ Energy bonus” or something.

DaisyAnne Thu 28-Apr-22 08:20:33

Of course they will vegansrock. It sounds as if it isn't popular with all their MPs though and I don't see him as that strong so we shall have to wait and see.

Dickens Thu 28-Apr-22 09:11:13

Johnson dismissed the windfall tax on offshore energy companies, saying it would “clobber the very businesses that we need to invest in energy to bring the prices down for people across this country.”

I have not noticed energy prices ever being 'brought down'. I have seen them remain the same for a while - but then the energy companies find other ways to increase your charges.

And if people use less energy - which they will - these same companies will have to find even more methods to counteract the loss in revenue...

Pepper59 Thu 28-Apr-22 09:16:31

This should have been done years ago. All the profits these companies make!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 28-Apr-22 09:28:26

Yes I saw that.

After they have constantly poo-pooed Labours plan to do just that.