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Russian TV hacked….

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Oldwoman70 Tue 10-May-22 20:46:13

The difference is that we are free to seek confirmation or rebuttal from all and any sources. Russia has denied access to independent internet sources to the majority of its citizens

GagaJo Tue 10-May-22 20:19:01

Totally agree paddyann54. We get just as much propaganda as the Russians sadly.

M0nica Tue 10-May-22 19:54:47

And you, paddyann, with your total support and belief in the SNP and its leader could never be accused of being brainwashed or gullible. You know that the SNP is without fault.

paddyann54 Tue 10-May-22 19:44:58

Millions of Brits believed leaving the EU would save £350 million (a week) just because Bojo said it and it was written on a bus.Gullible people exisst everywhere ,otherwisw Boris would never have the job he's in.Worry about what he's doing.the enw appointment to the NHS of a man who donated £850,000+ to the Tories and who is involved in private healthcare ? Didn't Bojo say he would never sell the NHS?
brainwashed or gullible ?

varian Tue 10-May-22 18:11:32

So many Russians have been fed government propaganda for most of their lives so they will want to believe it. If they happen to see something like this it will be dismissed as enemy propaganda and lies.

It seems incredible to most of us but there are a lot of people in Russia who refuse to believe that their soldiers would ever attack civilians. Their government has told them that the special military operation was to rescue Russian speaking people from Ukrainian Nazis who were conducting genocide. They only attack military targets and if any Ukrainian civilians have been killed or injured it was their own Ukrainian army which was responsible.

They actually believe this even to the extent of telling their Ukrainian cousins that is what is happening and denying what they have directly experienced and seen with their own eyes.

Granmarderby10 Tue 10-May-22 18:07:27

I think it is highly likely that they are very afraid to voice their opinions.
This is Putins’ Russia in 2022

Lovetopaint037 Tue 10-May-22 18:02:29

In this day of high end technology it is unbelievable that the Russian people are unaware of what is going on. Don’t they care or are they too afraid to voice their opinions.

Blossoming Mon 09-May-22 19:12:35

I wonder how many will believe it though?

Shinamae Mon 09-May-22 18:08:22

If this is true surely it’s a good thing…