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The solution to energy bills for those struggling, by the Tory party's chairperson.

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CvD66 Sun 02-Oct-22 17:29:12

Conservative party chairman Jake Berry, on Sky this morning, stated: “People know when they get their bills, they can either cut their consumption or get higher salaries or higher wages and go out there and get that new job,” Mr Berry said.
So gransnet pensioners, do tell: what new highly paid job are you going to get?

Prentice Sun 02-Oct-22 17:32:12

I have never heard of this person, but it was a silly thing for him to say.
Perhaps soon he will be looking for a new well paid job himself.

MrsPickle Sun 02-Oct-22 17:34:12

I could be the new Alan Sugar on the Apprentice, MP version,
You're fired.
Bet I'd get paid well for that.

foxie48 Sun 02-Oct-22 18:01:30

I'm thinking of becoming a Conservative MP but am a bit worried that I might be over qualified as I have an "A" level in Economics.

Aveline Sun 02-Oct-22 18:02:42

I'm just watching Jake Berry being taken to bits by Andrew Neil!

M0nica Sun 02-Oct-22 18:19:16

When I started studying for a degree in economics. The very first essay set at the beginning of the first term asked us why, if at a time of high unemployment, if one man by unremitting job hunting could find a job, why couldn't everybody.

It always bothers me, that if 18 year olds, with no background in economics can be expected to work that out in their first three weeks at university why is it completely beyond the capacity of so many high status Conservative MPs, many with Oxford degrees in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

avitorl Sun 02-Oct-22 18:29:58

I'm applying to be the next Prime Minister.It must be an easy job to do considering the calibre of recent post holders.

Charleygirl5 Mon 03-Oct-22 17:47:54

You are all being so harsh on our Liz. She has not said yet that she will agree to any increase in the state pension, never mind the triple lock so why does she not freeze that and transfer the money to those who really need it and would appreciate it, those earning £150,000+? We have more time, or at least I have to seek out a library which is open, for warmth and I could make my own sandwiches as others need a food bank before me.

At the age of 79 I think I am unemployable but I could try.

varian Sat 08-Oct-22 13:51:02

Liz Truss must convene COBRA immediately and spell out her plan for our country.

We need real action from this Government, including a clear plan to boost energy supplies and secure the necessary energy resources.

Grantanow Sat 08-Oct-22 14:03:57

The idiot might be able to get a better job as a dish washer (though that might be pejorative of plongeurs). Where do the Tory Party dig them up from?

Charleygirl5 Sat 08-Oct-22 15:05:22

I think I am too old to be a volunteer, being partially sighted and not very mobile. I think I will have to forget about any job, well paid or not.

foxie I would not bother because you will not be in post for long. Too much hassle and expense to get there.

aonk Sat 08-Oct-22 15:25:38

This is exactly the kind of ridiculous ill considered nonsense that understandably destroys the credibility of a political party. He needs to be replaced.

AGAA4 Sat 08-Oct-22 15:41:40

For pensioners like me in my mid 70s cutting consumption is more likely than getting a well paid job.
I could stay in bed till 1pm, get up for some bread and cheese then go for a long bus ride and back to bed at 6pm.

He would approve of that

MadeInYorkshire Sun 09-Oct-22 12:29:25

I have been too sock to work for 12 years now - I would LOVE to be able to volunteer, but not being reliable enough I would be so, so stressed if I wasn't able to do it .... being on disability benefits, trying to improve your income is virtually impossible, as they either take it off your benefits, or take it off you in care charges ..... for example, if I were to join the Rent a Room Scheme, which I could as have the space, I could literally only keep £20 of it! I am not changing my eccentric lifestyle for £20!

MadeInYorkshire Sun 09-Oct-22 12:30:08

*SICK not SOCK, lol .... Sock may have been less painful and depressing mind?

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 09-Oct-22 12:49:05

Avitor1- happy to vote for you. I could join you at no 10 to care for Larry the cat. I have extensive experience of this, and I'm sure the pay would be good. See you there!

Charleygirl5 Sun 09-Oct-22 12:55:00

Chocolatelovinggran-how could you take that job away from me and I live in London. Maybe they have an animal, other than mice at no 11?

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 09-Oct-22 12:58:06

Charleygirl: jobshare?