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Waspie Women Go to Court

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Granny23 Mon 06-Mar-23 09:40:00

This came through on Facebook this am, with a request to share widely.

We all know that the pension age for women born in the fifties has been raised. Did you know a campaign called "Back to 60 movement "has won the right to a Judicial Review and is taking the DWP to the High Court ? On the 5th and 6th June they will attempt to get the 3.9 million women justice over non consultation in raising the pensionable to 66 and above. Michael Mansfield QC will lead the case and the argument for the movement. However there does not appear to be any media coverage regarding this significant event. That is why I am raising the awareness now. Let's hope and pray for justice rightly deserved PLEASE, PLEASE COPY AND PASTE
Seems to be a media blackout on this issue which suggests that the government have put a block on the media reporting it - this is exactly what social media is good at. so share the hell out of it please. Come on ladies this is worth a great deal to you.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 06-Mar-23 09:46:25

What difference does sharing make? Wait for the decision.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 06-Mar-23 09:54:44

Women have fought for equality/parity with men for decades isn’t only right that we receive the state pension at the same age?

(I am a WASPIE by the way still awaiting my state pension)

HeavenLeigh Mon 06-Mar-23 10:02:38

WASPIE here too and still waiting for my pension

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 06-Mar-23 10:02:40

I think so, GG. I don’t like cherry picking the bits of equality which suit.

biglouis Mon 06-Mar-23 10:07:06

There is no equality between the sexes while one half of humanity (women) are condemned to suffer in pain and degradation to bear the children of all humanity. Then get lumbered with being the primary carers for said children for most of their productive years. Women get the dirty end of the stick in all ways - periods, childbirth and the menopause. We are degraded by our own biology and man suffer no equivalent inconvenience. So yes, we do deserve something for our "trouble" until men do their share in bearing and sharing the responsibility for bringing little parasites into the world.

Siope Mon 06-Mar-23 10:24:25

I’m all for equality too. There’s a big difference between parity in state pension age and equity in pensions. From the median gender pay gap of 9% (it was far higher when we were younger) to the hit that motherhood has on many, probably most women’s careers and pensions, women are disadvantaged. On average, women across the UK have 38% less in their pension pots than men. For those over the age of 50, the gap is worse: 46%. When we fix the issues that lead to this, equal ages for state pensions will be equitable.

Doodledog Mon 06-Mar-23 10:34:07

Please - I’m not having a go, but WASPI is an abbreviation of ’Women Against State Pension Inequality’ (no ‘e’) and is a particular pressure group which does not speak for all 50s born women, much less all groups fighting for justice.

There are several groups taking different approaches and it is very irritating when WASPI is assumed to represent everyone. Back To 60 is bringing this case, not WASPI, yet already WASPI are being credited (or blamed, depending on your point of view grin).

Whatever you think about the case, please get the names right?

Mgmgmg Mon 06-Mar-23 10:34:40

This review was held on 5 June 2019 and failed

Glorianny Mon 06-Mar-23 10:38:17

I wonder why it wasn't possible to equalise pensions by lowering the male pension age aand raising the female pension age. Settling on an age of 62 or63. Equality all round!!!!

Ailidh Mon 06-Mar-23 10:58:16

I'm sure male pension age Was reduced for a time, my late best friend got it. I keep googling it, though, and find no reference to it.

paddyann54 Mon 06-Mar-23 11:02:33

I dont think most women who are affected by this are or would complain about the age change .
Its the FACT that huge numbers of us got absolutely no information from the DWP making it impossible to plan for our futures.The government has admitted that hundreds of thousands were never contacted about the age changes.

Cue the people who say we had our heads in the sand,well I must be one of them because I knew nothing about this and although I ran my own business had no correspondence about it there ot through my accountant and the last time I did hear from DWP it was telling me my pension would be paid when I was 60 .I keep all official letters so I can produce that ,dated just a year and a few months before my 60th birthday .
I eventually received SP at 66 and 7 months .52 THOUSAND POUNDS less money in my pension pot if counting the almost 7 years extra payments as well as the lost ones.
I'm lucky we made good provision for retirement but I'd rather I had the money in my purse than let the" government" use it to pay their debts ... I've worked for 52 years 15 to 67 no breaks for childcare I feel I worked for that pension I'm really sad for the women left struggling because of DWP incompetence

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 11:24:54

I'm with paddyann54 on this. Still {angry}!

Glorianny Mon 06-Mar-23 11:55:48

I fully understand the Waspi's cause and support them.

My remarks about equality are for those who keep insisting this is something to do with equality (when it plainly isn't).
True equality isn't changing things to make women the same as men. It's equalising and for that both have to change.

Doodledog Mon 06-Mar-23 12:03:25

That’s fair enough, but would it include some sort of compensation for the loss of a typical 20% of lifetime earnings? Retiring earlier went some way towards that, but it is never mentioned in discussions about ‘equality’, which seem to always involve immediately making things the same, with no recognition of the decades of discrimination faced by women retiring now.

In principle it is a lot better an idea than hitting women with a 6-7 year additional working life though.

growstuff Mon 06-Mar-23 12:08:45

paddyann If I were you, I'd contact the Pension Service (or whatever it's called) because state pension age isn't due to rise to 67 until 2026.

Nannynoodles Mon 06-Mar-23 12:41:25

Paddyann - how come you didn’t get your SP till 66 and 7 months? Something wrong here.
I am not 66 until next spring but get mine on my birthday.
For all these ladies wanting huge payouts where exactly do you think the money will come from? There isn’t a pot of gold sitting there waiting for us however much we paid in.
I am not wealthy by any means but would prefer any money available to help the younger generations who won’t even have what we had.

Doodledog Mon 06-Mar-23 13:31:32

It’s not one or the other though. The idea of so-called ‘inter-generational unfairness’ is a Cummings invention designed to justify cuts to provision for older people.

bmacca Mon 06-Mar-23 13:32:31

The message in the OP is out of date. However, WASPI are currently fundraising to go to the High Court for a judicial review of the latest report from the Ombudsman

nanna8 Wed 08-Mar-23 04:35:49

What’s a Waspie? Anything to do with Protestants? Think yourselves lucky your pension is not means tested. Ours is.

PamelaJ1 Wed 08-Mar-23 07:48:15

paddyann I’ve been self employed and paid all my self employed contributions .
I thought I had done quite well from the change. I get the new pension which is more than the one that I would have received. I do intend to live a long time!!
Perhaps I have got it wrong but have always thought that I had ‘won’. I upped my private pension when I found out that the age was going to be altered and am still working part time so haven’t accessed that yet. I’m nearly 70.

Doodledog Wed 08-Mar-23 20:45:39


What’s a Waspie? Anything to do with Protestants? Think yourselves lucky your pension is not means tested. Ours is.

I think it will happen. There is usually someone on these threads saying that pensions should be organised so that those who have both paid NI and into an occupational pension 'can afford' not to have a state pension and should give it up in favour of those who haven't paid into either. Meanwhile, the government goes on about intergenerational unfairness and persuades young people that 'boomers' have had life handed to us on a plate, and that somehow our pensions are taking money from the young. They already refer to pensions as 'benefits', which makes them more vulnerable. It's only the fact that older people vote which protects pensions for all but the poorest.

Doodledog Wed 08-Mar-23 20:46:19

Oh, and WASPI is nothing to do with religion - there is an explanation a few posts upthread.

growstuff Wed 08-Mar-23 21:13:51

The state pension is a benefit - a part of a national insurance strategy. The vast majority of people pay taxes and NICs at some point of their lives and receive support when they need it - just as they do with pensions.

Primrose53 Sat 25-Mar-23 16:02:57

Why are they asking people to share this? The judicial Review took place in 2019 and pretty sure Michael Mansfield QC has retired.