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More than 50 .that IS fifty radiation leaks

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paddyann54 Fri 26-May-23 18:17:08

At Coulport on Loch Long THIS YEAR SO FAR !!
Thats still less than the number at its neighbour Faslane just a few miles away .
Dont worry say the MOD who released the figures this week making it several hundreds ina few years .
Is this acceptable ? Or only because its in central Scotland? After all the MOD have said ...on the record ...that its too dangerous for the south of England where the population would be "at risk" what about the millions who live in the central belt and up the west coast of THIS country.
Are we as once said by Churchill ..of no consequence he left thousands of Scottish troops behind on French beaches ?
Are we right to be incensed by this or should we just shut up and stop moaning as after all we dont have a say in what happens here ...Like most things its Westminsters remit its not devolved to the country that it concerns
Independence is right ...Independence is NORMAL then WM can have its weapons of mass destruction on then Thames !
Anyone here who thinks that would be the best location for Trident?

Baggs Fri 26-May-23 18:36:36

Have you any info about how these radiations leaks have affected populations in western Scotland, paddyann?

Why has the MOD said "Don't worry?"

fancythat Fri 26-May-23 18:37:18

Not acceptable in the slightest.

Baggs Fri 26-May-23 18:39:14

It is acceptable if it's not dangerous. This is why I'm wondering about what the MOD said about not to worry.

Baggs Fri 26-May-23 18:40:07

It's not a hot topic in the population around the lochs in question.

fancythat Fri 26-May-23 18:51:46

Baggs Fri 26-May-23 18:56:44

I quote: "None were considered serious".

This is actually possible and could be true. Sure, have an investigation is that is justified but that doesn't mean the leaks were dangerous.