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Sunak has dropped the promised animal welfare legislation.

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MayBee70 Fri 26-May-23 18:30:49

Sorry, can’t do a link but he’s dropped the animal rights legislation he promised in his election campaign. Will try and do a link on my big computer upstairs….

fancythat Fri 26-May-23 18:34:44

Got to the point I dont believe anything he says until he actually carries through.
Not sure there is anything he has carried through yet.
He seems to be merely talk.

Happy to be shown or proved wrong.

fancythat Fri 26-May-23 18:35:18

I wanted to beleive him, then I gave him the benefit of the doubt, now...

growstuff Fri 26-May-23 18:40:41

40 new hospitals by 2030? grin

growstuff Fri 26-May-23 18:43:30

Here's one link (I'm sure there are others):

fancythat Fri 26-May-23 18:46:37

I am not convinced they even care about votes any more.

Or else they think we will be swayed by whatever they say in the run up to an can do what they like previous to that.

MerylStreep Fri 26-May-23 18:47:43

I thought a retired Tory cabinet member put it very well this morning.
They are presiding over chaos.

Hetty58 Sat 27-May-23 08:49:50

So - forget about animal welfare? Disgraceful, but hardly a surprise from this lot. I don't think they're 'presiding' over anything - they've pushed the self-destruct button.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 27-May-23 09:04:33

Very disappointing. The pressure groups won’t give up on this.

LilyoftheValley Sat 27-May-23 09:09:57

Dreadful thing to have done.

Katie59 Sat 27-May-23 11:08:16

There is no justification for any live animal export for meat, no justification for the import of dogs either, breeding stock can be much more easily and cheaply transferred with embryos.

Callistemon21 Sat 27-May-23 11:13:28


Is it pressure from groups within the Party?

He's not very effective, is he.

fancythat Sat 27-May-23 11:21:56

He needs a nickname. The "I dont get things done" Rishi. But snappier.

tickingbird Sat 27-May-23 11:24:25

Very disappointing indeed. Live animal exports need to be stopped as does no stun slaughter.

hazel93 Sat 27-May-23 11:25:43

I couldn't believe it - terrible decision. That said, pretty much par for the course !