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Look over here…and away from Dorries’ letter!

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CvD66 Mon 28-Aug-23 17:16:23

Who’s great idea was it for the Home Secretary to do the TV rounds today claiming the Tories have significantly increased police numbers (no they haven’t) and will now investigate ‘every’ theft. Crime numbers are exceptionally high (when including fraud and computer crime) and the police forces are down 7000 detectives, (since 2010), this unrealistic target once again gets presenters shouting in anger. After all having lost 20,000 police over the last decade, the Tories might have recruited 23000 but that means the level of experience and skill among the police is at an exceptionally low level But heh, no one’s talking about Dorries’ silly letter of resignation. Well done Tory strategists

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 28-Aug-23 17:23:03

I doubt anyone could have pulled that out of the hat quite so quickly.

MerylStreep Mon 28-Aug-23 17:28:21

Is anyone interested in Nadine Dorries silly letter ?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 28-Aug-23 17:29:13

Not me, that’s for sure. Glad to see the back of her,

Dinahmo Mon 28-Aug-23 17:30:39

THe Tories manage to get some minister or other onto any news channel they like. The surprising thing is that they persuaded Braverman to do it. Perhaps she agreed because she's been the butt of so much criticism recently or perhaps she even volunteered!

silverlining48 Mon 28-Aug-23 17:45:04

I heard the interview on Today this morning. Didn’t realise who it was initially , she didn’t equit herself well. Not a great speaker.

DiamondLily Mon 28-Aug-23 18:06:29

I think Nad needs to get back to her liquid diet, forget about her hero being defrocked, forget about being blocked from the HofL, and just get on with life.🙄

Blossoming Mon 28-Aug-23 18:16:02

Lots of people tweeting (or should that be ‘ecksing’ now?) about Nad’s resignation letter, mostly to poke fun at her.

MayBee70 Mon 28-Aug-23 18:22:51

At least some interviewers did actually point out to Braverman that police numbers aren’t up at all given that they reduced that number dramatically when, I think, Theresa May was Home Secretary.

Grantanow Wed 30-Aug-23 00:12:46

Braverman is awful and should be sacked.

CoolCoco Wed 30-Aug-23 06:48:16

I think Theresa May famously said it wouldn’t make any difference to crime numbers if there were fewer police.

Grantanow Wed 30-Aug-23 15:55:22

No need to deflect from Dorries' letter - just a rant.

DiamondLily Wed 30-Aug-23 16:55:29

There are some other political memoirs to be published this autumn: