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Matthew Perry

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Ilovedragonflies Sun 29-Oct-23 12:22:04

Just heard that he has died, drowned apparently in his hot tub. Both my daughters adored Friends, as did I. It feels as though it was on the TV constantly when they still lived at home. He had his demons, but what sad news.

lemsip Sun 29-Oct-23 12:27:28

yes, only 54yrs old. mentioned in news a call regarding cardiac arrest prior to him dead in hot tub. I loved friends and watch it on you tube sometimes.

Hithere Sun 29-Oct-23 15:24:48


Nanatoone Sun 29-Oct-23 15:28:20

It’s very sad, I read about his troubles and felt that at least he would be at peace now. RIP Matthew.

Georgesgran Sun 29-Oct-23 16:24:10

There’s a longer thread on this I Chat under TV.
A dreadful shame, poor man.