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Mollygo Mon 30-Oct-23 11:45:49

Reading GN posts about all the things we recommended to do to cut down on our emissions is encouraging. Then I came across this-just to remind us what it takes to go electric with your driving.
The harsh reality of achieving net zero: Approximately 40,000 child labourers (slaves) in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) toil in perilous cobalt mines, lacking proper safety measures and earning meager wages. They are paid around $2 per day. The DRC produces an estimated 70% of the world’s cobalt. A recent report authored by personnel from one of China's largest mining firms has stated that Chinese mining companies are overseeing day to day cobalt mining operations in DRC remotely from Beijing. This cobalt is a crucial component in various products, such as electric cars. So when politicians bang the Net Zero drum, spare a thought for these individuals.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 30-Oct-23 12:31:52

Agree 100% Mollygo

M0nica Mon 30-Oct-23 13:19:35

Quite apart from the horrendous human rights breaches associated with the mining of cobalt, the extra emissions produced in manufacturing the batteries and cars is the equivqlent of driving a petrol fuelled car 100,000 miles.

I am a supporter for what ever is necessary to get to Zero Emissions, but there is too much greenwash and self delusion behind many of the panaceas, like electric cars, being sold to us all.