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Elianne Andam: it’s her funeral tomorrow.

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MayBee70 Fri 10-Nov-23 21:24:44

It’s her funeral tomorrow. I obviously feel very upset when I hear people talking about losing their loved ones but I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so moved before by hearing someone’s family talking about a loved one that has been so tragically taken from them. On an interview with Sky News they were so eloquent about the ongoing paint they are suffering. If only no one ever had to go through this again…sad

BlueBelle Fri 10-Nov-23 22:24:18

Sorry who is she

Callistemon21 Fri 10-Nov-23 23:06:53

The schoolgirl who was cruelly and senselessly killed on her way to school in Croydon.

Another young and promising life taken for no reason sad

RIP Elianne flowers

V3ra Sat 11-Nov-23 07:38:41

BBC News - Elianne Andam: Family say funeral will be 'a celebration of her life'

This young lady. She was stabbed getting off a bus on the way to school.
From memory she intervened in an argument between her friend and the friend's ex-boyfriend.

BlueBelle Sat 11-Nov-23 07:43:25

Yes I know now thanks there are so many young people to cry for
Such a great sadness in our midst a young lad of 15 killed by a 14 year old a few days ago 2 more families ruined
Is it happening in other countries (apart from USA) or are we unique in this awful awful thing

henetha Sat 11-Nov-23 09:56:16

I'm desperately sorry for all these young people who die needlessly on our streets. I don't understand why so many seem to carry knives. It's a great tragedy for the families and I wish we could find a way to stop it happening.

Shelflife Sat 11-Nov-23 10:06:15

It is a truly shocking situation, I along with others despair! What on earth is happening, why , why , why!?

MerylStreep Sat 11-Nov-23 10:19:06

There are lot of good people in these areas who trying their dambdest to help youngster to get away from this lifestyle.
People who have been gang members, murdered people.
They know these youngsters, they were them.
What do they need? Facilities and money. Well the facilities are a no no, why? because why would the council let these people have a property when a nice block of flats can be built there.
As for the money 🤷‍♀️

Elusivebutterfly Sat 11-Nov-23 16:01:04

There is a Croydon school that is fundraising to set up a youth centre in the park where one of their students was murdered.

I think lots of people in Croydon are trying to help but those youngsters involved in gangs/drugs are unfortunately not likely to respond to community leaders.

BlueBelle Sat 11-Nov-23 16:13:22

They need youth clubs with older, young people (especially guys) running them I say especially guys because these young people mostly lads NEED these role models every town used to have two or three or more youth clubs now there is NOTHING

MayBee70 Sat 11-Nov-23 21:47:34

‘Every young person needs somewhere to go, something to do and someone to speak to. For many young people, their local youth club is the only safe space they have to get the support they need. However, after eight years of austerity, many parts of our country now have no recognisable youth services at all.

A major flaw in the current system is that there is no legal requirement placed on local authorities to provide youth centres, outreach and after-school activities. The localised nature of provision has also led to huge variation in spending across the country, and because councils have seen their budgets cut by 50% these essential services have been the first to go. Cash-strapped councils have also moved from offering a universal service for all young people to targeting provision towards only the most vulnerable.

Close-up of a boy's hand with knife
Youth fund doubled to £22m to aid violent crime prevention
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The scale of cuts cannot be overstated. Research conducted by the YMCA found that overall spending on youth services in England has fallen by £737m (62%) since 2010. Between 2012 and 2016, 600 youth centres closed, 3,500 youth workers lost their jobs and 140,000 places for young people went. New analysis by the House of Commons library shows that spending on universal youth services has fallen by 52% in real terms since 2012. It is testament to our voluntary sector that provision has not completely collapsed under the weight of these cuts’.
From The Guardian 2018