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Is Cameron there simply to ensure the Trade Deal with India

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DaisyAnneReturns Tue 14-Nov-23 18:27:40

The problem for Sunak is that a UK-India trade deal, if struck, is likely to be of considerable financial further benefit to the company in which his own wife already has a very large financial interest.

Questions about a conflict of interest are already being asked. What should the Sunaks do? “This is what No 10 has worried about for some time,” said one source aware of thinking at the top of government on the issue.

“There’s a lot of concern about perception, what it would look like to people – a worry that, one day, someone will join the dots.”

It always felt as if Sunak came into government to make the family richer (his, not ours), and the would mean he had done just that.

MayBee70 Tue 14-Nov-23 18:32:54

Regarding conflicts of interest the new Health Minister’s husband is a sugar baron shock

Urmstongran Tue 14-Nov-23 18:34:17

Diabetes T2 anyone?

DaisyAnneReturns Tue 14-Nov-23 18:40:34

Interesting MayBee

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 14-Nov-23 18:42:42

I very much doubt that Sunak came into politics to make his family richer. He was earning far more in banking and his wife‘s businesses contribute a great deal of money regardless of his position. He could have earned huge amounts in banking either in the US or here,

paddyann54 Tue 14-Nov-23 18:42:55

Maybee he also owns and runs a large cannabis facility common with Teresa May's husband .Like Ms May she voted against legalising cannabis for medicinal needs.....seems that only rich tories can produce it legally!!

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 14-Nov-23 18:45:47

What ‘cannabis facility’ is this?

DaisyAnneReturns Tue 14-Nov-23 18:55:54

Of course he could have earned more while he was there, GSM. But if he has moved the country so the poor and middle income get poorer and the wealth driven Oligarchs set the country up so they can do very much what they want, the amount he loses will be peanuts beside what he gains.

Who did Cammeron have his first official call with?

JaneJudge Tue 14-Nov-23 19:05:17

His wife’s family are very powerful in India. I know my RL friends opinions who are Indian. Would be interesting to hear if any Gransnetters are Indian and their point of view?

MerylStreep Tue 14-Nov-23 19:09:57

I’m more angry with his links with China 😡

eazybee Tue 14-Nov-23 19:18:14

Victoria Atkins is married to Paul Kenward, Managing Director of British Sugar, which owns a large legal cannabis farm.

The proposed trade deal with India would be of great financial benefit to Narayana Murthy, father of Akshata Sunak and co-founder of Infosys, a global leader in digital services which provides the bulk of the Murthy family fortune. In 2019 Mr. Murthy asked for 2,500 visa for Indian workers to work in the UK .
It is difficult to discover how much tax Mrs. Sunak pays on her global investments, which are in millions.

DaisyAnneReturns Tue 14-Nov-23 20:56:17

Cameron is not an MP. He has no constituents, the level of scrutiny of his income will not be as thorough as an elected Parliamentarians. He can't face a withdrawal petition and he can't be questioned, face to face in the HoC. He can act entirely selfishly like the 'good' Tory he is and we cannot do anything about it.

He is ideal when it comes to a very dodgy trade deal.