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LovesBach Sun 10-Mar-24 09:28:26

Does anyone know why Melanie Reid is no longer writing her column in The Times? I have read and enjoyed it for so long , and very much hope she is not unwell. There is no comment, nothing of the usual 'Fred Smith is away' when a column is missing, she just isn't there, and in her last two articles I felt there was a slightly despairing note. She was tired of struggling, and it was so unlike her.

Visgir1 Sun 10-Mar-24 09:33:57

There was a article in the Times this week from her.. Occasionally she's not in the sunday one. I agree love reading her, she a brave woman.

LovesBach Sun 10-Mar-24 11:46:34

Visgir1 I'm sorry I missed that - didn't have time to read the whole newspaper on a couple of days. Thank you. I hope she is ok as her dream of suitably adapted living is about to become a reality. Perhaps she is busy supervising the moving of her home contents.

paddyann54 Sun 10-Mar-24 14:27:16

I knew her husband well in the 70's and early 80's.He has been a wonderful support to her since her accident,If you haven't heard it have a listen to her interview with Edie Stark from a few years ago .its an inspiration .It was broadcast on Radio Scotland,theres another by JJ Chalmers whose family we also know well and thats well worth a listen.

mrswoo Sun 10-Mar-24 17:58:27

In a recent Saturday column she mentioned that she is having a house built which will be much more accessible than the present one. Maybe she's taking a break while this is happening.
I greatly admire her and enjoy her columns.

LovesBach Mon 11-Mar-24 17:12:13

Thanks Paddyann; I will do that. I enjoy her columns and admire her so much for her stoicism; I just hoped she was missing from The Times magazine for a happier reason that ill health.

Gin Tue 12-Mar-24 00:07:09

I also love her pieces. She has missed quite a few weeks over the last year I have noticed, perhaps she has to limit her writing because of lack of flexibility in her hands.

Floradora9 Tue 12-Mar-24 22:10:20

Her tone has been really low the recents articles I have read . Her life is not easy .