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Whitewavemark2 Tue 26-Mar-24 08:19:30

Unfortunately we will have to put up with loads of these I’m sure this year.

But - the latest one from the conservatives is the weirdest I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure some of it was taken in New York.

Perhaps it is a spoof? How on earth can we distinguish between fact and fiction!?

TheatreLover Tue 26-Mar-24 08:34:22

The video itself was an attack on Sadiq Khan's record of crime in London in the run-up to the Mayoral Election in London. You are correct in that the video contained clips from a New York subway station which showed people panicking after a false report of gunfire. Apparently, the clips showing those scenes have now been deleted from the video.

As reported in the Guardian, the Crime Survey for England and Wales showed that people are less likely to be victims of crime in London than in the country as a whole.