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£102.4 million

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Esspee Thu 30-Jun-22 06:50:16

Apparently that is the amount of our money spent on the Royal Family last year.
I would like to see an end to this anachronism. What about you?

DiamondLily Thu 30-Jun-22 07:03:21

I would, but the majority still appear to want them, at least while the Queen is alive.

Calendargirl Thu 30-Jun-22 07:15:31

Grany will be along to offer support, I’m sure.

It doesn’t bother me.

Casdon Thu 30-Jun-22 07:30:59

I don’t usually join in royal threads but I’ve got my grumpy head on this morning. It’s a drop in the ocean. Manchester City signed one player, Jack Grealish for £100m last year, which puts it into context.

£4billion was wasted on unused PPE. That’s hardly been discussed on Gransnet, whereas the Royal Family is never without at least three interminable threads. They are worth £102.4 million just for the apparent joy people on here get from picking over the bones constantly.

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jun-22 07:32:24

It bothers me when most people are finding it hard to fill their cars to go to work
I m not anti royal ( I could become so) but …..… it needs to be
a) hugely scaled down The Queen, Charles and camilla only NO ONE else on the payroll at all when Charles retires then William and co take over and go on the payroll
b) they need to pay for their own travel and meals etc they have money to open a dozen hospitals if they wanted
They could do so much good with their wealth instead of it all going into posh hanger ons bellies and businesses
I don’t like it
Some of the European countries with royalty are much much more casual and anyway
What is Royalty ? Just simply a fact of birth

GrannyGravy13 Thu 30-Jun-22 07:38:39

Worth every penny.

Joseanne Thu 30-Jun-22 07:38:55

I just think it is unfortunate that all this is being kicked up so harshly when the Queen is nearing the end of her time. I'm not naive enough to think it doesn't need discussing in advance, and that things should change, but the criticism and bashing is relentless and distasteful. By now it is actually having the opposite effect on most people.

volver Thu 30-Jun-22 07:54:49

I'm with Casdon, some might be surprised to learn. It doesn't really matter to me how much they cost. Heads of State cost money.

How much they cost has been talked about every year, for as long as I can remember. I'm sure the Queen can handle that, even at her advanced age. And talking about it isn't bashing. Not talking about what happens next because it might upset the Queen is not how to manage a country in the modern world.

Galaxy Thu 30-Jun-22 07:57:38

Yes I am sure the Queen can cope with people holding a different view to her.

Joseanne Thu 30-Jun-22 07:59:03

I wasn't talking about it upsetting the Queen!

volver Thu 30-Jun-22 08:00:03

What then? Have I misunderstood?

Joseanne Thu 30-Jun-22 08:07:48

Maybe you have volver, maybe I wrote clumsily. But don't you also find it harsh when posters bash and criticise NS constantly? You could say the bashing makes us all the more determined in our support, which is surely a good trait.

Galaxy Thu 30-Jun-22 08:11:12

I dont think questioning is bashing. Its perfectly reasonable to suggest that there might be another way.

volver Thu 30-Jun-22 08:19:33

Thanks for replying Joseanne.

I find it annoying when poster constantly criticise NS (for example) because it's usually based on daft made up complaints. "Bashing" doesn't make me stronger in my support, I support people for what they do, not because somebody else doesn't like them. If anybody wants to engage in discussions about her politics, that's good. I've no time for complaining about how much the royals cost either, like I said above.

But if posters want to talk about the merits of, or alternatives to, a constitutional monarchy, that's good. I'm sure the Queen and all the household can take it.

I get more exasperated with the breathless admiration for pictures of green dresses and for cheeky children.

Newquay Thu 30-Jun-22 08:36:20

I’d be happier if the RF stumped up for more out of their private wealth. Apparently the jubilee weekend cost about £27m which came out of the public purse-absolute madness especially at the moment with such hardship everywhere

GrannyGravy13 Thu 30-Jun-22 09:06:06

The Royals cost us £1.29 pence each last year, less than a cup of tea in your favourite tea shop, less than 1 litre of milk…

volver Thu 30-Jun-22 09:15:54

That's £470 a year, so £940 for my household.

Can I have ours back to pay for our fuel bill rise please? smile

volver Thu 30-Jun-22 09:21:12

Oh no. my sums are all off. Just ignore me. grin

dragonfly46 Thu 30-Jun-22 09:25:00

They don’t tell us how much the Royal Family contributes in the way of the money they attract in tourism especially from foreign visitors.
Also the amount of goodwill that is generated by their visits to hospitals etc.
I think it is money well spent.
Would you rather have Boris as President?

GrannySomerset Thu 30-Jun-22 09:26:58

Having a head of state will be expensive whether royal or elected so the supposed savings ignore the necessary costs.

Galaxy Thu 30-Jun-22 09:29:57

Is Johnson the only option. No one told me that. Would you be happy with Andrew because it's an accident of birth that he wont be our next king.

Smileless2012 Thu 30-Jun-22 09:34:55

Good post Casdon and certainly puts it into contextsmile.

volver Thu 30-Jun-22 09:36:19

No, of course Johnson's not the only option Galaxy. We could have Trump. 😉🤦🏻‍♀️

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 09:44:30

This isn't pocket money for the Queen, it goes in salaries for staff, expenses, entertaining other H of S and all the costs involved in running the offices of a Head of State.

I expect a President would cost as much or more.

It's an irrelevant question in the debate of monarchy -v- republicanism.

It's drop in the ocean out of our tax.

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 09:47:09