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How do you define being Common !!!

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ninnynanny Fri 30-Mar-12 09:38:19

Tatoos especially on women.

bagitha Fri 30-Mar-12 09:39:12

Builder's bum(on anyone!)

Annobel Fri 30-Mar-12 09:42:32

Farting in public...grin

susiecb Fri 30-Mar-12 09:42:55


Carol Fri 30-Mar-12 10:42:35

Thongs above the waistband!

susiecb Fri 30-Mar-12 11:03:14

When I was at school we were taught that eating in the street was common - my husband still goes by this rule and would rather starve than eat in the street.

Was anyone else taught that certain words were common - settee instead of sofa, dessert instead of pudding, lounge instead of living room, toilet instead of lavatory.

bagitha Fri 30-Mar-12 11:08:24

Yes, but I carried on regardless! grin

Anagram Fri 30-Mar-12 11:10:56

Orange fake-tanned bare legs and white stilettos!

petallus Fri 30-Mar-12 11:19:29

Years ago when still young enough, I went to a 'bad taste' party and decided to dress in a common manner. Fishnets, white stilettos, short tight red dress with a big frill around the hips, lots of makeup etc. The odd thing is unexpectedly I felt great and had loads of attention from my amazed male friends who only ever usually saw me in trousers and teeshirt. I remember sitting on a bar stool with my legs crossed surrounded by a little group of men. One of them said 'you could earn a fortune on a street corner' and another 'you could earn a fortune here'. It was a wonderful experience but I went back to the trousers and teeshirt because mum brought me up not to be common.

Carol Fri 30-Mar-12 11:20:14

Deeply ingrained in me is sitting room instead of living room or lounge. I think my mum had pretensions that we were only a step away from a drawing room!

flowerfriend Fri 30-Mar-12 11:33:00

anagram So agree about the white stilettos. carol Double yuk about the thongs visible above the waistband - especially my neighbour who is 68. She dresses fairly normal in a smart casual way so why the thong. annobel Farting in public yes is a no-no. Hence why my 10 year-old GD was trying not to cough when we were queuing for the cinema.

nanachrissy Fri 30-Mar-12 12:03:55

And burping in public (yuk)

gracesmum Fri 30-Mar-12 12:12:40

It's something you sense - definition hardly necessary. The opposite is also innate - the sort of classy, ladylike quality that some women seem to achieve effortlessly.envy

shysal Fri 30-Mar-12 12:32:00

Going to the supermarket in pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers, usually to buy cigarettes and/or beer!

supernana Fri 30-Mar-12 12:33:28

gracesmum Indubitably! smile

Annobel Fri 30-Mar-12 13:13:03

shysal, I think that would be below common!

Anagram Fri 30-Mar-12 13:15:26

I agree, Annobel! That is sheer slobbishness....

glammanana Fri 30-Mar-12 13:23:00

The mums who drive to the entrance at my DGSs school gate drive up to the no parking signs and deposit their off springs,these mums still in their pyjamas/dressing gowns totally slobbish !!!

jeni Fri 30-Mar-12 14:21:33


wotsamashedupjingl Fri 30-Mar-12 15:00:23

I'm not sure it matters about women going out in their pjs. I would hope they put shoes on though. Slippers need to be kept clean for indoors, and wouldn't be good to drive in.

Anagram Fri 30-Mar-12 15:15:16

Jingl! shock We've got to maintain some standards!

Kennedy Fri 30-Mar-12 15:50:19

I agree! How about shouting really loud in public. In particular shouting at children in the street.

bagitha Fri 30-Mar-12 15:59:24

To be honest (I typed gomest!), some day clothes are less like proper clothes than some PJs so what the heck? So long as people are 'decent'. I often see people on the street who are supposedly dressed for the day but who don't look awfully decent to me. Let me re-phrase that! I'm sure they're decent (I'm just saying that to be PC!) but I wouldn't be seen dead (as the saying goes) dressed as they are. Some PJs are really nice.

In short, I don't think you can always tell!

numberplease Fri 30-Mar-12 15:59:53

Oooh, I used to LOVE white stilettos, when I was still able to walk in `em! But then I`m common!

shysal Fri 30-Mar-12 16:05:05

When I was young and struggling financially I had a pair of stilettos which I died black in the winter and white in the summer, along with my handbag! I did this for several years. blush