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My gentler poems.

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Ian42 Fri 01-Jun-12 15:58:54

Here I will post my gentler poems, feel free to comment for good or bad.

A rural landscape.

A rural landscape,
thatched cottages,
harvesting in the fields,
swifts and martins
swooping and sweeping,
spiralling across the sky
swept by sporadic clouds.

A farmer leans on a gate,
viewing all his surrounds,
a couple of ramblers
stroll leisurely along
man-made paths,
a herd of cows nuzzling
each other or grazing lazily.

At dusk the cows head
into the farmyard amongst
the quacking ducks
and hissing geese
avoiding the pond
the farmyard equipment,
the pigs munching on odds and ends.

Finally darkness descends
and the stars and moon shine
across the rural landscape
which is so different
from the daytime busyness,
it is so relaxed and silent
as lights twinkle all around.

chitchat Fri 01-Jun-12 16:31:29

I like it Ian, wish I could write poetry like that, hope you get it published

Ian42 Fri 01-Jun-12 20:45:03

The Attic.

Memories of the past,
is a very great treasure,
they are so many and so vast,
and they always bring pleasure.

Some things are not forgotten,
all brings joy and sadness,
you can’t always remember who got them,
although you remember them all with fondness.

A picture without a frame,
a piece of cake in a box,
a chair made of bamboo cane,
also a stuffed head of a fox.

So much rubbish and clutter,
it all will have to come down,
all of it makes your heart flutter,
next week we move to another town.

j04 Fri 01-Jun-12 21:08:45

I absolutely love the last verse of the rural landscape one. It is so simple, but so evocative.

I've never actually seen a farmer leaning on a gate though. I don't they do it.

I'm not, personally, keen on 'memories' type of poetry. But that's just me.

crimson Fri 01-Jun-12 21:30:01

Oh attics and the stuff in them. At what point do they become, not the place where everything goes that you have no time or room for, but a place that makes you feel old and sad and feel the passage of time more keenly. And wish you'd just thrown it out at the time and then wouldn't remember it?

Ariadne Fri 01-Jun-12 21:35:30

I really comprehend the "Borum" bit now.

jeni Fri 01-Jun-12 21:37:47


greenmossgiel Fri 01-Jun-12 21:49:10

Ariadne, so do I! winkgrin

j04 Fri 01-Jun-12 22:00:31

Oh, I love these clever little jokes.

j04 Fri 01-Jun-12 22:01:11

That one must have taxed your brain Ariadne.

jeni Fri 01-Jun-12 22:07:08

Jing what has upset you! confused

Anagram Fri 01-Jun-12 22:17:29

It wasn't very kind.

Ariadne Sat 02-Jun-12 09:52:19

Rarely do it, unlike some. Anyway, had enough of this.

Ariadne Sat 02-Jun-12 10:48:20

Anagram you are right; have PMd Ian. Knew it was wrong! Thank you reminding me wiithout rancour!

greenmossgiel Sat 02-Jun-12 11:33:04

Perhaps I was trying to be smart there, as well. Sorry, Ian42. sad
Here's a daft limerick that I made up to lighten things:

There was a young man from Arbroath
Who found himself terribly loath
To tie up his laces
Before taking long paces
And was berated for being a sloth.


Ariadne Sat 02-Jun-12 11:49:58

green grin

soop Sat 02-Jun-12 12:25:57

Ian42...Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry with us. You have a very sensitive way with words. Keep writing! smile

soop Sat 02-Jun-12 12:29:56

green ...very witty grin

Ian42 Sat 02-Jun-12 14:02:46

Here is a limerick that I have penned myself.

There once was a poet from Aylesbury
Whos words were made very clearly
He missed his great chance
To go for a dance
When everybody said oh really.

soop Sat 02-Jun-12 14:07:51

Ian42 grin

j04 Sat 02-Jun-12 14:34:22

You should never miss a chance to go for a dance. You never know what could come of it! (if you're young, free and single, I guess) grin

Ian42 Sat 02-Jun-12 15:11:50

When it comes to dancing I have two left feet.

greenmossgiel Sat 02-Jun-12 17:07:16

Then I'll ask you to dance, Ian42!
In the form of a waltz (one, two, three)

"Shall we dance,
Take the floor?
Shall we waltz out the door?
Both left feet trip no more?
Shall we dance?


Ian42 Sat 02-Jun-12 17:11:53

Thankyou for the dance
it was a brief-like chance
encountered on a forum
yet felt like a ballroom.


greenmossgiel Sat 02-Jun-12 19:15:04


A ballroom on a Borum?
Can we dance with much decorum?
If so, we'll surely floor 'em
As across those boards we prance!