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FlicketyB Mon 11-Feb-13 11:50:56

No longer Home Alone. DH returned this morning. I am feeling a lot better and was very pleased to see him. Kitchen ceiling now removed revealing that the roof above is leaking and needs fixing. That will have to wait until the snow goes.

FlicketyB Sun 10-Feb-13 12:12:49

Day 2, and at last I woke up with out my legs feeling wobbly. No snow but with the kindling ready by 9.00am I was in front of the fire with the papers.

Feeling better, I then started to clear all the surfaces in the kitchen ready for the builders tomorrow. Our kitchen is in a flat roofed extension with no insulation in the roof. It didnt matter for the first 10 years or so we lived here as winters were not that cold but in recent years, I didnt need coffee to get me going on cold mornings, just walking into the kitchen was enough.

Anyway on one side the kitchen, surfaces are clear and the other side will be done after lunch (I have a long thin kitchen). I will then spend the afternoon doing a bit of gentle sewing.

DH will be home late this evening. The dancing show went well, although by the third show DGD, who is only 5 was beginning to feel the strain and asked if she could stay home, but after a good nights sleep, I understand she is back to form this morning.

gracesmum Sat 09-Feb-13 21:41:54

No - you meant large , Flickety!! grin

Galen Sat 09-Feb-13 20:54:42


Ariadne Sat 09-Feb-13 20:41:03

DS1 is here with the two little girls - older one went shopping with DGD1, who she worships. Younger one and I made things - my dog kennel is a thing of...ingenuity. All fed and watered; DS2 and DH now watching recording of the Scotland Italy game and being very blokish. But it's doing Theseus a power of good. But oh, I need my bed....

Mishap Sat 09-Feb-13 18:43:14

Your lunch sounds wonderful - just the sort of thing my OH hates! I sneak it in now and again.

Enjoy a peaceful weekend of getting better.

grannyactivist Sat 09-Feb-13 17:36:36

Flickety large should have TWO hyphens on either side. smile

Ana Sat 09-Feb-13 17:34:49

You should have put two dashes before and after the word, Flickety!

Movedalot Sat 09-Feb-13 17:33:20

Flickety I'm glad you are happy with your own company, enjoy. smile When DH goes off and does his own thing, sometimes overnight, I am quite content on my own too. Also when he goes off to his study to watch football I might as well be on my own and that's fine too. We enjoy each other's company but don't depend on it all the time.

Don't think I would want to be alone all the time though.

FlicketyB Sat 09-Feb-13 17:16:56

'large' should be struck through, what did I do wrong?

FlicketyB Sat 09-Feb-13 17:16:20

Only lack the fridge of food as I have lost my appetite, DH did do my shopping but the list was bit lack lustre, because of said loss of appetite. However so far, bacon sarnie for breakfast, pasta, pesto and roast tomatoes for lunch. supper, dont know - I will look in freezer and fridge when I feel like eating. I suspect it will be something on toast.

However I will have a -large- glass of homemade damson gin before I go to bed.

gracesmum Sat 09-Feb-13 16:41:56

There I was feeling all sorry for you missing your DGD's stage debut and then you go and make me totally envy at the prospect of a weekend on your own - logs and kindling ready, good DVDs and TV at the ready and hopefully a fridge full of delicious things to eat and drink!

Make the most of it! smile

olliebeak Sat 09-Feb-13 16:40:55

Sounds like you're having a wonderful weekend - hope you're soon feeling better flowers. Well done you on sending your OH to deputise for you wink.

Fingers crossed that your granddaughter is enjoying her time on the stage.

Aren't grandkids just fabulous when they're so generous at sharing their bugs/germshmm!

kittylester Sat 09-Feb-13 16:36:07

Hope you feel better before the builders arrive Flickety Shame to miss the performance but I can really understand how much you love having the house to yourself. I love it when DH and DS1 go to football matches and try really hard to stay in!

I also love it when they come home confused

FlicketyB Sat 09-Feb-13 16:33:05

This afternoon I should be 200 miles away watching DGD dance the part of chief Munchkin in her dancing school show. It is her first appearance on stage and I wish I was there.

I am not there because last time I saw DGD she passed on a really virulent virus that has knocked me out for over a fortnight and I really didn't feel well enough for the journey. At my insistence DH headed north yesterday and will be back tomorrow so I am home alone and really enjoying it.

I lit the stove first thing and spent all morning cuddled up in front of it reading the papers and drinking tea. I had a light lunch that DH probably wouldn't have enjoyed and plan to spend the evening watching a new DVD I have that is also not DH's idea of interesting viewing.

I have already brought in logs and kindling for tomorrow in case the snow arrives overnight as promised and will spend all tomorrow cuddled up in front of the stove again. I confess, much as I love DH, I am really enjoying having two days of self-indulgent aloneness.

I will then, hopefully, be fit and well enough to cope with having builders arrive on Monday and have no kitchen for a week.