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His name was Aylan

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jinglbellsfrocks Fri 04-Sep-15 19:06:10

if you haven't cried for him yet...

Coolgran65 Fri 04-Sep-15 19:10:34

I just have no words .......

hildajenniJ Fri 04-Sep-15 19:14:38

I cried for him all day yesterday. My DGS 3 will be three next month. I couldn't help but compare their lives, and got all fired up. I signed every petition going, and have had nothing but follow up emails and more petitions and appeals all day today. Tomorrow DH and I are going through all his clothes and shoes to parcel up for a local appeal. They are desperate for men's clothing and footwear, but not leather shoes.

MiniMouse Fri 04-Sep-15 19:28:16

Very poignant, all of them. So agonisingly moving sad

Luckygirl Fri 04-Sep-15 19:49:58

To be honest I just feel helpless. I have just been playing with my sparky little 3 year old DGS.

Iam64 Fri 04-Sep-15 19:53:58

I find it impossible not to fill up with tears,to feel choked every time I see an image or a photograph of that little boy. I also find it impossible not to feel bewilderment/anger/fury etc when I hear people criticising his parents for trying to get to their relatives in Canada rather than staying in Turkey. Compassion fatigue is one thing but being heartless something else altogether.

Indinana Fri 04-Sep-15 20:24:00

I have cried so much for him and for all of them. I can barely talk about this terrible situation without cracking up. Yes, I too look at my DGC, one so close in age to Aylan. It is all so incomprehensible, this suffering, this inhumanity. I cannot understand it.

glassortwo Fri 04-Sep-15 20:35:36

To see Aylan lying there could have been my youngest DGS, I crumble every time I see that photo. I feel so helpless. sad

absent Sat 05-Sep-15 07:25:49

I haven't cried. I am angry.

Teetime Sat 05-Sep-15 09:59:37

Its heartbreaking and everyone you talk to agrees we must do something. On Breakfast news today they had 2 men who were refugees from Kosovo in 1999 and a Syrian man who has just arrived after a dangerous journey by inflatable dingy and then lorry. As others have said we have always given shelter to refugees from war and displacement why don't we just get on with it?

Anniebach Sat 05-Sep-15 10:20:58

The majority in this country still do not want refugees here , fact. There were children of Aylans age who suffocated in a lorry, many have drown, many are still hoping to find a place of safety and we who want to help are not allowed to help,

Luckygirl Sat 05-Sep-15 10:28:34

My brother is a DM reader par excellence - lives in Kent and has clear views on the influx of immigrants that I will not repeat here. But even he recognises the difference between economic migrants and people fleeing war and torture.

Alea Sun 06-Sep-15 17:22:58

My little grandson sleeps like you
Head down, bottom up
He stirs and murmurs in his sleep
Dreaming of sun filled days, the park, the swings perhaps.
When he wakes his little arms will reach for me and he will smile.
But you, little Aylan must sleep on
Your mother's love can shelter you no more
No sun filled days of play and joy
Sleep in peace, little man
And we who are left should rail against the cruel injustice of the world,
And weep.
Weep,for you, your mother and brother and all those who have suffered and died
For man's folly.
Sleep on, little man, may your dreams bear you up and out of this nightmare
This man made hell.

Alea Sun 06-Sep-15 22:31:58


Anniebach Sun 06-Sep-15 22:55:11

There really are no words are there ?