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etheltbags1 Thu 25-Aug-16 21:11:10

It has gone through everyone like a dose of salts. Literally. Dr and partner, dads mil etc. It must b very virulent. I asked the local pharmacist and he said it may mutate soon so I could get it back. (Groan).

BlueBelle Mon 22-Aug-16 19:29:55

For schools and work they say 48 hours symptom free..... as for reintroducing the bug I m guessing like most bugs they can mutate but I would have thought as its so early in the pass on stage it should be ok
I did this last visit to my daughters I got a sickness bug soon after arriving within hours the kids went down with it then by that evening the mum and dad started Within 24 hours the 6 of us were vying for two toilets it was so vicious it took me 48 hours to get over it but the rest seemed ok after 24
Good luck

etheltbags1 Mon 22-Aug-16 19:12:57

This is my 2nd attempt to do this thread due to temperamental devices. Im recovering from a horrid sick bug, I started on Thursday with symptoms, I looked after DGD on Friady, there was no one else and despite my care with the cleaning she became ill on Saturday, Im just over my symptoms and have been to see DGD and she is quite poorly but getting better, I gave ehr a hug, DD now had rang to say she is ill and is struggling to look after little one, her partner is not much help at the best of times, he has to be told each step of the way. I want to go to help tomorrow as I had aleady booked 2 weeks leave and as usual Im not going anywhere. My big question is can I be reinfested with this virus or as it was from me in the first place am I immune. Ive tried nhs website etc but they dont answer specific questions. I tried to ring 111 but they are so busy I dont want to bother them. I am almost 30 hours since my last symptom can I pass it on still. Is there anybody out there with medical knowledge I can rely on please