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Lasting Power of Attorney forms

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Lancslass1 Mon 11-Jun-18 15:30:38

I read an advertisement in a magazine today which said "For £416 you could arrange both your LPAs (Health and Welfare ; Property and Financial Affairs ) and get your affairs in order now."
What these people are doing is not illegal.
Please take no notice of any such advertisement.
You do not need a Solicitor..
The forms are perfectly straightforward to fill in.
There are people at the end of a 'phone line who will offer help should you need it.
I believe the forms can be downloaded but I had them sent to my home address by post.
I also paid a little extra to get them sent by registered post when I returned them.
The total cost for both forms is £168 .

pensionpat Mon 11-Jun-18 16:47:31

I completed both forms for a friend. And because she was in receipt of Pension Credit there was no fee.