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Spam alert !!

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tiggypiro Sat 30-Jun-18 18:28:06

Today I received an email from 'Tesco' informing me that I was one of 100 people this week to be rewarded for my loyalty. I know that I couldn't win a raffle if I was the only person buying a ticket ( I did however 'win' Jury service for the third time a few weeks ago) and can also recognise obvious bad grammar so was immediately suspicious.
I contacted the real Tesco who said people who had responded to it by opening a link had lost quite a bit of money.
So please if you get this sort of email from 'Tesco' ignore it and report it to Action fraud who can do more to find the scammers if they have as much information and as many complaints as possible.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 30-Jun-18 18:32:52


Marydoll Sat 30-Jun-18 19:31:17

I've been getting them for months, I just delete them. However, I tried to mark as Spam, but they still keep coming.
They are convincing, because they actually use your name, instead of "Dear Customer", as some scam ones do.

Yorkshiregel Sun 01-Jul-18 09:07:57

Thanks for the warning. I have seen it but as usual I do not respond to 'free' anything offers.