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Hm999 Mon 10-Sep-18 21:45:57

I'm driving a hire car while mine has paintwork done (my fault!). Years ago this car was a small hatchback. DDiL asked when did they get so big? It's a family car now.
My problem is if I move the seat to reach the pedals comfortably I can't see 50%+ of the dashboard as the steering wheel is in the way, my knees rub against the steering column, and getting out is awkward because I'm almost wedged in. My legs seem stretched if I move the seat back a notch
I'm 5foot6 and a size14/16 with ordinary leg length.
Suggestions please for a car for average-sized women 🤔

SueDonim Mon 10-Sep-18 21:50:07

Maybe you need to raise the height of the seat as well as/instead of changing the rake. Also change the position of the steering wheel.

As for cars, I'm an 'average size' woman and drive a 5 series BMW. Before that I had a 3 Series, before that a Polo and I also drive my dh's sports car. I fit in them all.

Melanieeastanglia Mon 10-Sep-18 22:07:12

Vauxhall Corsa perhaps.

Greyduster Mon 10-Sep-18 22:26:18

We have had a variety of sizes and models of cars, and the only two I could not comfortably drive were a Ford Modeo -at five feet tall, I couldn’t comfortably reach the pedals - and a Honda Civic which felt horribly like driving a coffin and I hated it. We now have a Honda HRV which both DH and I find is a lovely car to drive, but given the choice, I would have another Jazz. It fitted me like a second skin and I couldn’t wait to get in it.

tanith Mon 10-Sep-18 23:06:41

I drive a Qashqai, I’m 5’3” and it’s perfectly fine even with my little legs. Everything is visible, I don’t have to stretch to reach anything.

MiniMoon Mon 10-Sep-18 23:47:26

We have a Vauxhall Mokka which I love driving. I'm 5' 3" and a bit. I need to alter the seat position after DH has been driving as he's 6' 2" . I can see well all round. Before that we had a Vauxhall Zafira. I had to raise the seat in that car, but could see well even though it was a big car. The only one I didn't like was a Ford, but I can't remember the model. We didn't have it long as I kept complaining to DH that I couldn't see to reverse, the rear window was a strange shape.

kittylester Tue 11-Sep-18 07:31:09

In a couple of weeks I'm taking delivery of a new car which has recall for two driving positions, so no more fiddling with all the 'bits' before (or even after!) I set off. And, it's red!

I have had 3 Honda CRVs and found them lovely to drive.

I love driving so my car matters hugely to me. Dh recently changed his and I hate it but seem to end up driving it more than I'd like.

Missfoodlove Tue 11-Sep-18 09:43:53

I have a mini clubman and love it!
I’m 5.3” and find the driving position is perfect, it’s a great size and the boot is huge. It is my third mini and streets ahead of my previous two.
We normally use my husbands car for longer journeys but have taken to using my mini as it is so economical.

glammanana Tue 11-Sep-18 10:06:27

Missfoodlove I am pleased to read your comments on the clubman I am thinking of buying a new car after xmas and am drawn to the mini.
I have driven an Audi TT for nearly 10yrs now and it is very comfortable with ajustable seats etc but feel it is getting a wee bit difficult to get in and out now with it being slightly lower.

PECS Tue 11-Sep-18 10:16:22

My favourite car was the original Ford KA . It was perfect for my needs , to and from work in busy London suburbs & so easy to park! They have changed it now and I am not so keen on the look of the new models. I currently drive a Skoda 'Monte Carlo' which is a sportier Fabia. I enjoy driving it except for its wheels which do not have enough air for my liking so you feel every bump! I am 5'2" max & is easy to drive and my short legs reach pedals plus I have good vision of road and dashboard!

GrannyGravy13 Tue 11-Sep-18 10:19:09

I am 5'2" and currently drive an Audi Q7, have good all round vision and it is extremely comfortable on both motorways and unmade country lanes.

DoraMarr Tue 11-Sep-18 10:32:11

I bought a blue Mini One after my divorce. It was the first time I had bought a car on my own without a man- my father when I was younger, and my husband after that. It was also the first time I bought a car from a proper car show room. We always seemed to buy used cars from a back-street garage with posters of naked women on the walls, where my presence often wasn’t even acknowledged. I loved that mini, it was a real symbol of independence, but when grandchildren came along it was difficult to put their seats in the back without rear doors, so I traded it in for a Mini Countryman. I love this one too, and it has the added advantage that my partner with PD can get in and out more easily, since it’s a bit higher off the ground. My very first car was a (used, old-style) Mini, so I have come full circle.

Diana54 Tue 11-Sep-18 21:26:29

A VW Polo for me, cheap to run easy go park and reliable, most modern cars can be adjusted to suit all sizes.
Over the years I've driven all sorts, big cars are nice but a pain to park, my DH had a Range Rover ridiculously expensive to run and not that reliable, so much prefer a hatchback

Fennel Tue 11-Sep-18 22:00:44

I had a Renault Modus and loved it. But after 10 years had an accident and it was a write-off sad.
I occasionally drive husband's Meriva now, but still miss my Modus.

annodomini Tue 11-Sep-18 22:41:00

Toyota Yaris. I've had a number of different cars but this is by far the most reliable. It's also comfortable to drive. Mine is an old girl now but still purrs like a kitten. Its bodywork has suffered from the narrow entrance to my home. I would like to get another Yaris, but the newer ones are wider and would probably have more unfortunate encounters with my brickwork. What I really want is a small, reliable and preferably automatic car.

Coolgran65 Wed 12-Sep-18 01:00:12

We recently changed both cars. My dh got a Toyota Rav4 which I like for the height off the road. I rarely drive it but it is lovely to drive. We use it most. It is one year old.

I got a Toyota Yaris and love it to bits. Smaller than my last car because we no longer need car seats for the dgc. It is 3 years old and in showroom condition. I only drive about 1500 miles per year.It
Mind you, took me a while to get used to the reversing camera.

We always buy our newer cars (dh) at about one year old to allow for the initial depreciation.

I honestly can say I've never had a difficulty fitting any of our cars, I'm 5'6" . I think most cars are well adjustable. We've previously had 3 x Qashqai, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Zafira, Toyota Corolla, Fiesta. Always 5 door.

mumofmadboys Wed 12-Sep-18 06:16:39

Has anyone had an electric car yet or a hybrid? If so, how do you find it?

Alima Wed 12-Sep-18 06:23:23

Isn’t it where they left it?

kittylester Wed 12-Sep-18 06:28:39

We test drove a hybrid with a view to giving one this time. We found it over revved occasionally when trying to accelerate. Also we weren't too keen on driving automatics.

Dh is very into alternative fuels and motor technology and was disappointed that we didnt like the way the car drove.

PamelaJ1 Wed 12-Sep-18 06:29:13

Love my mini.
My husband hated it 6ft 2 but now he seems to take it when he thinks parking may be difficult. Some cars have tiny spaces. Not for the mini!
NB other small cars are available.

PamelaJ1 Wed 12-Sep-18 06:29:36

Some car parks!

M0nica Wed 12-Sep-18 07:43:26

I am another Yaris lover. I have owned mine for 11 years and it was 5 years old and relatively high mileage when I bought it. In those 11 years, it has never broken down or needed an expensive repair. It gets through its MOT every year with nothing, or only something minor being done.

It had done over 80,000 miles when I bought it and I have doubled the mileage. It is bright blue and very comfortable. My only hesitation over it, is that it has very little luggage room and when you put the back seat down the space is not flat.

Auntieflo Wed 12-Sep-18 08:13:14

Alima grin