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Lindylou23 Fri 29-Mar-19 13:29:10

Now we are retired I am cancelling SKY and looking for recommendations to replace with Freeview, I am looking for one that pauses and records. And any tips on what I should look for when buying one many thanks

crazyH Fri 29-Mar-19 13:42:03

Yes, I too am planning to cancel Sky. I have young grandchildren visiting occasionally, but to be frank, I think the free children's channels will be good enough for them.

Anja Fri 29-Mar-19 14:19:50

Follow this link for reviews and advice best freeview box

Anja Fri 29-Mar-19 14:20:54

PS I have the BT one.

Katyj Fri 29-Mar-19 14:29:57

If you like your sky box, with its pause, rewind and recording facility plus all the free view channels, why not give them a ring, we did and kept ours, they charge us ten pounds a month. Probably still cheaper to buy one overall, but not sure if they have all the same features.

rosecarmel Fri 29-Mar-19 14:32:41

I don't record anything or have the desire to- But with an Amazon Fire stick one can get apps that allow one to watch new and old TV and new and old movies- For free! After the initial investment of paying for the stick, of course- I just watched Captain Marvel last night -- which is still in the theaters!

Anja Fri 29-Mar-19 14:41:27

rose the OP wishes to,record

Alima Fri 29-Mar-19 15:01:41

We have the BT one with BT TV. It is an excellent piece of kit. Do you know if it can be used without BT TV Anja?

shysal Fri 29-Mar-19 15:22:37

I have an older version of the Humax on Anja's link. I have never had any problems with it, in conjunction with my Panasonic TV. I usually set all my planned programmes on series record so that even if I fall asleep while watching I can still catch the end! Live TV can also be rewound and paused.

Badenkate Fri 29-Mar-19 15:32:27

We cancelled sky, got a freesat box which linked up with the sky dish that we had without any problem. The freesat box does pausing, recording etc.

MiniMoon Fri 29-Mar-19 17:31:29

We have a Freesat Humax box. It has all the functions you need. With the advent of catch up TV and streaming services though, these days I seldom record anything.

grannyqueenie Fri 29-Mar-19 18:49:53

We’ve had a Humax Freesat+ box for 10 years, using the Sky dish that the previous owners had. It’s been brilliant and with the more recent addition of a Firestick thingy we can pause, record and catch up to our hearts content. It’s very satisfying to have all with no monthly payments to worry about.

CarlyD7 Sat 30-Mar-19 09:04:54

We just have terrestorial channels (and their catch-up services like BBC iPlayer) and Freeview which gives us loads of options. We also have our own TV digital recorder (bought from Curry's) so always have something to watch. (I tend to record Disney films when they're on for little ones to watch when they visit).

HannahLoisLuke Sat 30-Mar-19 09:16:26

Id also like to cancel Sky but I do love Sky Arts which I know is available on Virgin, but they're no cheaper than Sky.
I really only want the free view channels and Sky Arts but do want pause, rewind,record and catch up and can't find anything that has this package.

4allweknow Sat 30-Mar-19 09:29:45

Have had Freeview for years. Would never consider a mainstream commercial system.

Hollydoilly10 Sat 30-Mar-19 09:33:22

I have freesat and with amazon prime get any add ons

Jane10 Sat 30-Mar-19 09:50:51

Another BT TV fan here!

henetha Sat 30-Mar-19 10:05:36

I switched from Freeview to Freesat to get better reception.
Freesat is excellent. I also have Netflix which is great.

MoreNanny Sat 30-Mar-19 10:18:34

Get a Freesat box. There is plenty to watch and you can record programmes on it too just like you can with sky. You get many more channels than Regular TV. Check it out on line.

Our box is a HUMAX.

LynnKnowles Sat 30-Mar-19 10:23:01

We,too, cancelled Sky some years ago and are more than happy with Freesat. We benefit from Amazon Prime ( courtesy of the kids) and watch Netflix at their homes, but essentially Freesat works a treat.

Outofstepwithhumanity Sat 30-Mar-19 11:15:31

Depends on where you live. Some areas have a poor Freeview signal, especially in periods of high pressure. I would also recommend Freesat + Humax box.

harrysgran Sat 30-Mar-19 11:17:59

I cancelled sky as it was getting expensive I have a fire stick it has everything I need catch up lots of channels and I have you tube to watch films on and spotify for music

Granny23 Sat 30-Mar-19 11:34:19

I was one of the lucky ones to trial and keep a Freesat + Humax box for Gransnet. It has more channels than we ever use, can record etc. Best of all it cost us £0000 and nothing to pay afterwards. As DH is over 75 we do not have to pay for a TV licence either. Must have saved us a fortune by now.

Thank You very much again Gransnet = best thing I have ever 'won'.

Helen2806 Sat 30-Mar-19 11:42:05

We also have BT. It’s great xx

Jaye53 Sat 30-Mar-19 11:49:27

Does one need a special socket for Amazon firestick?I like sound of it.but my TV may not be modern enough.