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Gonegirl Tue 09-Jul-19 16:43:46

Brendan O'Neill in the Spectator

Luckygirl Tue 09-Jul-19 16:49:56

An interesting view.

I guess that minorities really will be free when they do not feel the need to announce their identity in big designated "days" or "months."

I think he has a point about the cult of the individual over the importance of societal groupings and mutual support. The whole "because I am worth it" scene is a bit creepy.

Missfoodlove Tue 09-Jul-19 16:55:57

Totally agree!
We accept homosexuality and all the GN, QI, LGBT etc etc.
Let it all just stop now.
I read an article some months ago by a gay journalist who had been attacked in the 80’s for his sexuality, he said he would never want to return to such hatred however he felt the pendulum had swung too far the other way.

Day6 Tue 09-Jul-19 17:02:50

<whispers> Is it OK to say I think he makes very valid points. (Is that the right answer?)

He rightly acknowledges the difficulties homosexuals have faced and the strides they have made to try to ensure people are not discriminated against because of their sexuality. It's good that we are more tolerant. Now we have to see gays as special too, which is over-egging the pudding a bit.

Heterosexuals abound. Many of us have gay family and friends. They are people, like the rest of us. I am not quite sure why we celebrate gay sexuality when non-gays go about their business being 'ordinary' people. Have I missed why they are 'special'? Is it something to do with victim-hood, even though we have travelled a million miles in terms of gay rights since 1969?

I don't much like labels. People are people and I abhor virtue-signalling. The parades do no harm, but I feel we are somehow being forced to recognise how 'special' gay folk are. My gay nephew agrees. He doesn't want a label either, nor will he ever wear "Gay Pride" badges, etc.

EllanVannin Tue 09-Jul-19 17:10:33

Great ! He said that one word " Recognition ". How sad is it to want to be recognised by whatever your way of life, be it politics, religion, ethnicity, rich, poor, clever, not clever, normal, not normal, good, bad, the list goes on.

I'm quite surprised that this has been written in the Spectator though the said passage has been worded in such a way as to avoid offence.

Gonegirl Tue 09-Jul-19 18:31:22

I do like to see a Pride march. And locally, they have a lovely family day with some really good music and dancers.

But I've always been puzzled by the "Pride" bit. I think you have to have some kind of achievement to be proud of something. Why would you need to be proud of being gay, anymore than you would be of being heterosexual?

I suppose in the fairly recent past, when it all began, they were striking out against rampant homophobia, but surely that's gone now. Well, I hope so.

Perhaps it could all calm down a bit now.

Gonegirl Tue 09-Jul-19 18:34:15

I like your post Day6. Well, I agree with all the posts on this thread so far.

PamGeo Tue 09-Jul-19 18:38:23

Here here

Framilode Tue 09-Jul-19 18:38:57

For once I agree with everything you say Day 6.

CanadianGran Tue 09-Jul-19 19:11:56

Day 6 - good post. I agree with your sentiments.
My gay nephew posted how sick and tired he was of all the flags... and the rampant commercialism it has promoted.

The other day I was admiring these shoes, and realized I might be advertising incorrectly. I'm so confused... if I wear rainbow anything, am I being political, or just colourful?

PamelaJ1 Wed 10-Jul-19 05:56:50

Day6, well put.
As you say, most of us have gay or lesbians as friends or family members. They are just like us, they get on with life and none of us make a ‘thing’ of it.
Maybe it’s time for them to move on and merge in.
There will, unfortunately, always be very ignorant people in the world who will not accept, the girls on the bus incident springs to mind, but hopefully they will lessen.
The transgender question is very different IMO because it involves such a lot of medication and surgery. What concerns me is the push to diagnose very young children.

LullyDully Wed 10-Jul-19 08:05:34

My husband wants a straight pride day.

Bathsheba Wed 10-Jul-19 08:21:41

But I've always been puzzled by the "Pride" bit. I think you have to have some kind of achievement to be proud of something. Why would you need to be proud of being gay, anymore than you would be of being heterosexual?

Me too Gonegirl. Furthermore I strongly suspect that if heterosexuals proclaimed pride in their sexuality, they would be accused of homophobia hmm

Maybelle Wed 10-Jul-19 09:04:48

I always thought that the Pride element of Gay Pride, was to take pride and ownership of who you are. The freedom from being made to hide your sexuality, being made to feel that you should apologise for not being "normal" .

Olderthanmost Wed 10-Jul-19 12:45:38

I think it's important to recognise that any society or any element of society that has ever been oppressed will eventually become the oppressor for a short period of time. The pendulum will always swing in the opposite direction to too far before it settles into an even keil.
No one is totally heterosexual or homosexual. We are all sexual beings and have the right to and even a duty to explore sexuality in relation to the opposite sex and same sex. I believe that when this kind of openness would be the norm in our society we would be much healthier and it would reduce the numbers of sex crimes and sexual assaults in our world

rosecarmel Wed 10-Jul-19 13:01:51

There are many things in our lives that serve as constant reminders of our collective past- We "cannot" "get on with it" without them in place because without them in place we are prone to repeating our past again and again despite the fact that we get tired of being reminded- Gay or straight- Black or white- Catholic or Hasidic- It doesn't matter-

What Maybelle expressed is correct-

If you look at photos of the first march on June 28th 1970 and compare them to photos taken June 28th 2019 you will notice that the element of pride remains despite the fact that marketers have capitalized on that pride-

The struggle continues- It isn't over and done with- Although it may seem that way to some, including gays- And of course idiots who have no idea what they are talking about but talk anyway-

Gonegirl, it truly is ignorant on your part to express that you don't see what what gays have achieved and to think that homophobia is gone- Ignorant- Period- And yet marks a perfect example of why marches continue- Thank you for that-

rosecarmel Wed 10-Jul-19 13:11:38

Homophobia is over and done with people! Woo hoo! Hang out the Union Jack! Let's have a parade!

And people make fun of Tump's igorant Tweets!

Olderthanmost Wed 10-Jul-19 13:17:01

Be calm.
Many people understand.
None of my business but if you would like to share your sexual preference...
I think I'm bi

dragonfly46 Wed 10-Jul-19 13:21:40

I really do not care about anyone's sexuality as long as they are good people but I am sort of sorry they coined the word gay. When I was at school I had a friend called Gay and it meant happy and joyful.

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 13:23:54

shock Where did I say that gay people had achieved nothing? I think you totally misunderstood my post. Gay people individually will have achieved just as much as the non gay population. And the Pride marches have achieved a lot in the way of acceptance.

No need to attack me. I simply started this thread as I thought it might be interesting. Wish I hadn't bothered now. hmm

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 13:24:59

And that "who hoo stuff" is straight out of the sixth form. hmm

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 13:26:08

And don't you dare call me ignorant!

Olderthanmost Wed 10-Jul-19 14:05:48

Thanks for opening what is by and large a good conversation.

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 14:09:49

Thanks Olderthanmost. smile

PamelaJ1 Wed 10-Jul-19 17:58:57

Well Olderthan most, I’ll share my sexuality.
I am totally absolutely heterosexual.
If I had any doubts they were put to rest when I was ‘approached’, -don’t know if this is the correct word. I did think that lesbians would be more intuitive.
Having said that I have no problem what consenting adults do amongst themselves.
Rose- I presume that I am one of the ignorant because the people I associate with are pretty open minded so I don’t come across the bigoted folk that still abound. Sorry.