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Underwear range for transgirls (young boys)

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FarNorth Tue 13-Aug-19 19:40:46

This has appeared - an underwear range especially for transgirls (young boys).

FarNorth Wed 14-Aug-19 11:23:22

paddyann that sounds nice.
We just have to wait, to see how this experimental medical treatment affects people long term.

Helennonotion Wed 14-Aug-19 11:24:17

I came across this on a poetry page the other day, written by Alexis Riffe. It made me cry. Anything that will help, be it underwear or acceptance by other people is surely a good thing?

Day after day
Deep inside, my heart is breaking
Day after day, nothing seems to change
A veil of blue, I must wear
I hide the girl inside, with endless despair
With each new day, all I wish
Is that I wasn't forced to hide
The young woman screaming, deep inside
There are days
When light breaks through
The cracks in the wall
I've built to protect her
From the world around
She begs me
Pleads, to be let out
But my worst fear
Is that people will see her light
And snuff it out
Like a tender flame
I've tried so hard to nurture her
But all my efforts feel in vain
Because so many cause her pain
She doesn't exist
You're a boy
You were born that way, and so you will stay
These words cut through my heart
Threatening to tear the little girl apart
She bows her head and goes to hide
Crying, sometimes wishing she could die
To end the pain and suffering
Some days, she can't feel the warmth of the sun
Other days, the sun burns through the veil she wears
And she stands tall, above her fears
Today, she feels crippled
Lost and alone
Wanting to be nestled
In the arms of her adoptive momma
Safe and shielded from harm

Day after day, she wonders
When she will shed the veil
And purge herself of the boy they all see
The day that a girl is all she will be

BlueBelle Wed 14-Aug-19 19:09:15

A boy of 4 or 5 may be girlie or a girl a tomboy but they are not sexual at that age or for a good while after so why can’t they just stay girlie or tomboyish and then start to see which way they want to go after puberty Why is everyone in such a hurry to label
We had a friend at 12 ish wanted to be a boy changed her name cut her hair got a girlfriend it lasted a year now she’s a girl again with makeup and painted nails Thank goodness her parents didn’t rush her off to start treatment

paddyann Wed 14-Aug-19 19:17:00

Bluebelle her parents couldn't have rushed her off to start treatment .Its a long drawn out process of medics and psycologists /psychiatrists.We all know tomboys or boys who aren't "butch" and they dont all go onto transgender or even be gay .A young person with gender issues KNOWS without doubt what they are and the outcome they need .

GagaJo Wed 14-Aug-19 21:19:01

In the last 5 years I have had 3 students who either identify as trans or are probably trans. The happiest, best adjusted one, a trans boy, had parents, a school and classmates who all accepted and supported him. He had a girlfriend just like his friends and was visibly glowing from being the 'real' him.

One I had as a tutee 4 years ago was accepted as a boy by his friends and talked to me about his issues. But was too scared to approach his parents. His school work suffered and he was unable to engage in normal teenage courtship rituals.

The student I currently teach, a trans girl, has horrific behaviour problems at school. Bordering on permanent exclusion. I've never discussed it directly with her because she hasn't approached me, BUT I've complimented her on her eyebrows (eyebrows are a HUGE make-up trend ATM) and once on her lip gloss. In my lessons, all of her behaviour issues have disappeared. She and her friends regularly turn up in my classroom at break/lunch for a chat. A little acceptance goes a long way.

Children begin to acquire their gender identity at 13 months. My grandson, who lives with just me and his mum, mimics our actions and consequently has a toy kitchen / pushchair that he loves. But he's 100% boy. He LOVES men and is very boyish in his behaviour.

I have a friend whose child (bio female, trans boy) who decided he was a boy at 2.

We need to allow children to be who and what they want to be. Similarly to sexual identity, normality is the message they get 99.9% of the time. If they choose a different and let's face it, hugely difficult route, it is not a fad. And if they change their minds later, fine! But that rarely happens.