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Fundraising for the NHS

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ninathenana Tue 14-Apr-20 08:15:18

Lovely sentiment but I'm not sure it would work.
I have seen rainbow pics that people have obviously printed off themselves and beautiful hand made ones done by children. My neighbours have a large one in an upstairs window and she said it was a great way to occupy her children for an hour or two.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 14-Apr-20 07:53:42

No but that is such a good idea.

Meanwhile there are plenty of charities that support your local hospital that you can donate to. I donate some pension every month at the moment. I usually give everything I can to children’s charities, but I think there is a greater need at the moment 🙂

Bazza Tue 14-Apr-20 07:46:07

While doing my daily walk, I notice how many children’s drawings of rainbows there are in windows. I had this idea of having a beautiful painting or photograph of a rainbow made into a small poster to put in our windows and sold to raise money for the NHS. I’m aware that a lot of families are struggling financially, but those of us you can afford £5 or even £10 would buy one. I would! It would show our admiration and support for these extraordinary people. I have no idea how to go about it. Any ideas?