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What would you have on your gravestone and why (lighthearted)

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Kiwigramz Sun 11-Apr-21 08:04:35

I am 76, and have always ignored sell by Dates! Mostly just a few weeks over, but family tell me off. I once had a tin of beans explode on me !

When I leave this world my epitaph should say “she was well past her sell by date” 😝

EkwaNimitee Sun 11-Apr-21 08:16:32

One word ‘Resurgam’ (I will rise again).....a jokey threat to my descendants!
I believe an early submarine was called that. It didn’t.
I’ve always smiled at Spike Milligan’s...’I told you I was ill’. Apparently it didn’t make the local vicar smile and it was refused. I think he was eventually allowed it if it was in Welsh. In the same graveyard or another, I don’t know.

vampirequeen Sun 11-Apr-21 08:17:51

She never watched Titanic or bought a scratchcard.

Titanic because I hate the way they 'adapted' history and hung a totally unrealistic love story onto a tragedy.

Scratchcards because they make gambling too easy by being on sale everywhere rather than making you go to a specified place like a bookies or wait for the result like a lottery.

GrannySomerset Sun 11-Apr-21 08:22:11

“It’s where you left it” - something I say almost daily to DH.

M0nica Sun 11-Apr-21 08:38:08

DH says he will have one word carved on my gravestone. The word 'Why' because he says it is the most used word in my vocabulary.

Billybob4491 Sun 11-Apr-21 08:59:08

A life well lived - that will do for mine.

Humbertbear Sun 11-Apr-21 09:02:59

Not waving but drowning.

Loislovesstewie Sun 11-Apr-21 09:03:05

Re Spike Milligan.
I think you will find it is in Irish 'Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite'.

boheminan Sun 11-Apr-21 09:06:16

Keep going (it's quite often what I say in my head at the moment).

Shandy57 Sun 11-Apr-21 09:08:25

If anyone wants to have a look at lovely quotes see

EkwaNimitee Sun 11-Apr-21 09:11:15

thank you, Loislovesstewie, I'll make a note of that

Redhead56 Sun 11-Apr-21 09:55:05

Ergonomic my husband reckons I use this word a lot. Well if some thing does not sit right it’s not and in my world it’s relevant in the home environment.

BigBertha1 Sun 11-Apr-21 10:29:27

Her timing was terrible!

foxie48 Sun 11-Apr-21 10:36:24

Nothing to see here, I was cremated!

or if Foxie was my proper nickname, "Gone to ground"

henetha Sun 11-Apr-21 10:39:48

"She showed 'em" (there is a personal reason for this)

Peasblossom Sun 11-Apr-21 10:44:08

I’d quite like Rose Kennedy’s

“I will not be vanquished”

but my family have suggested modifying it to

“She kept going on”

Take it as you will😬

Loislovesstewie Sun 11-Apr-21 11:25:50

It's where you left it!

Blossoming Sun 11-Apr-21 11:43:06

I’m not having a tombstone as I have a woodland burial organised, but if I did I’d like it to say Greatly Loved and I’d like that to be true.

geekesse Sun 11-Apr-21 11:53:51

‘She lived.’ But I expect to be cremated, so no headstone really.

EllanVannin Sun 11-Apr-21 11:57:10

" I told you I was ill " .

grandMattie Sun 11-Apr-21 12:03:07

“She made a lot of jam!”
For about 20 years, I have made a lot of jam, marmalade, preserves, for sale in my local church. They became very popular and I was known as the jam lady! Since I moved house not long ago, I have stopped...

grandMattie Sun 11-Apr-21 12:03:48

“A lot” as in about 800 pots of marmalade and loads more of jam, per annum...

EllanVannin Sun 11-Apr-21 12:15:43

Like the DoE, I don't want any fuss and palava. A quick in and out and over and done with will do me and let people get on with their lives. In a changing world it's more important to think about the living.

Davida1968 Sun 11-Apr-21 12:16:40

"Just keep swimming...." (From the Disney film, "Finding Nemo".) My motto for many situations.

tiredoldwoman Sun 11-Apr-21 13:38:23

Honest and reliable .