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earnshaw Mon 03-May-21 11:39:22

it turns out that the publicity shy couple were so keen on privacy that they didnt even want the £38 million wedding we were forced into paying for them, blimey, they could have said something earlier, like before the public coughed up a fortune for security, A list celeb guests and more melodrama than an x factor sob story, they are now claiming they wanted none of that because " it didnt feel like their day ", but they went through it anyway, bless em. They told Oprah that they actually had a private exchange of vows three days before, just the two of them were present as well as the archbishop of canterbury - perfectly normal behaviour, , now that they have aired all their laundry in public to the whole world, they are off to work on that private life they claim to crave, At least until the next big interview comes up

Anniebach Thu 06-May-21 21:34:22

Apology not needed Alegrias it was my error, reading it I can
see how it was taken as snappy, it really wasn’t , I do have a sense of humour , needs feeding

Alegrias1 Thu 06-May-21 21:24:49

Annie I didn't get the joke. Apologies.

Anniebach Thu 06-May-21 19:09:06

Thank you Lucca I should have put an imoji

Lucca Thu 06-May-21 19:04:07

Annie I apologise. I didn’t realise .

Anniebach Thu 06-May-21 19:02:38

And I posted about Baroness Scotland in an attempt to join in the joke, my mistake , I forgot some are quick to jump and see
something to do a bit of sniping about

Lucca Thu 06-May-21 19:01:01

The telepathy remark was also humorous by the way......or, wait, was it ?😂

Lucca Thu 06-May-21 18:59:21

The reason I said that was that I took her post as being a joke. I’m not tired by thinking that.

Anniebach Thu 06-May-21 18:53:16

That I can believe

Alegrias1 Thu 06-May-21 18:51:44

She was right though. We have a telepathic link. 😉

Anniebach Thu 06-May-21 18:49:55

Do you Lucca, I would find thinking what others know tiring

Alegrias1 Thu 06-May-21 18:49:02

It's just gets better doesn't it. 🤪

Thank you Lucca.

Lucca Thu 06-May-21 18:47:47

I think Alegrias knew that!

Anniebach Thu 06-May-21 18:44:30

The Baroness Scotland of Asthal was born in Dominica, her
surname is Scotland

Alegrias1 Thu 06-May-21 17:57:41

Just as well the Head of the Commonwealth is only symbolic and doesn't have any say then. 😉
The Secretary General of the Commonwealth is Baroness Scotland. I'm sure we'd be a shoo-in 🤣

Aveline Thu 06-May-21 17:09:47

Not if I was head of the Commonwealth. I'd want to punish Scotland for being very, very silly! wink

Jabberwok Thu 06-May-21 15:41:52

Thank you again. Scotland would be very welcome into the Commonwealth if that's what they want to do to, no problem with that at all. NATO too I daresay. Anything they choose really. Sky's the limit!!

Callistemon Thu 06-May-21 15:06:30

Eurovision - not if you have any sense! 🎶🎶🎶

Alegrias1 Thu 06-May-21 14:43:28

If and when we get another referendum the question will be independence, yes or no.

Later on, we might join the Commonwealth. I wonder how countries join? Do you need a referendum? Its not a political union so probably not. Anyway, that'll be fun to find out.

I wonder if we'll join NATO? I wonder if we'll join Eurovision? Gosh, its going to be exciting.

Callistemon Thu 06-May-21 14:38:39

Unless there was a question about that on the ballot paper and the majority was not in favour.

Alegrias1 Thu 06-May-21 14:32:47

For the avoidance of doubt, and for the 232nd time, just in case anyone hasn't got it yet.

Scotland going independent would not mean we become a republic. She's our Queen too you know.

Would we join the Commonwealth? Hope so.

Callistemon Thu 06-May-21 14:17:26

Excellent post @ 12.02 Jabberwok

Yes, I agree.

Smileless2012 Thu 06-May-21 14:15:34

Excellent post @ 12.02 Jabberwok

Callistemon Thu 06-May-21 14:11:17

Will Scotland join The Commonwealth when/if it becomes independent, I wonder?

It is not compulsory to have the Queen as Head of State.

Jabberwok Thu 06-May-21 13:17:58

That's as may be Galaxy and no one has an issue with anyone deciding that something is not your cuppa and deciding on a different more private peaceful life, (their words) but trashing your family and all the other things previously mentioned in 'worldwide' publicity in order to make these megga bucks is pretty dreadful by any one's standards.

Kamiso Thu 06-May-21 12:49:00


Why are some posters so horrible to Annie and to me (and to earnshaw here) on these threads? I can accept you have different opinions on the subject but your contributions add nothing and just provoke dissent.
If you are not interested, please go away!

And I only came on GN to post a photo of my long coastal path walk, so I am certainly not sitting around waiting for the next M & H thread like some.

So true. Seems they consider attacking people who have a different view as “fun”. Says it all really and they still wonder why the left wing has become unelectable?

Eventually it may dawn on them that bullying and name calling is not only rude and abusive, but detrimental to their cause! Not my idea of “fun” .

If you don’t want to read posts why not just move on to another thread. Perhaps your anger, frustration and hysteria would be modified then to a more acceptable level.