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Private car parking fines

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Jaylou Mon 07-Feb-22 09:10:40

Just heard the gov are going to introduce a cap on private car parking fines. £50 will be the cap, and they also have to allow a grace period if you are a few minutes late back, and display fines.
I am guessing this is good news for the public against these rip-off firms, and hopefully will give us a better avenue of fighting back.

Sago Mon 07-Feb-22 09:31:09

We once had our car towed away!
£275 later ( it could have been worse bit we were quick)
we got the car back.
When I read up on the legalities of this, I discovered that when the car is in the process of being towed it is not covered by either insurance companies.
It is unbelievable that these companies were allowed to operate.

Blinko Mon 07-Feb-22 09:43:04

We were chased by a private CP company for over a year and threatened with court action - all down to my OH's dyslexia - he had put an incorrect reg number in the ticket machine.

In the end it was quashed via the local authority to whom we had complained. It was all very stressful at the time. These companies were totally unregulated though I understand there is now an industry body overseeing them.