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Fined for rule breaking during "lock down"

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62Granny Thu 20-Jan-22 13:35:27

Just wondering if anybody on GN was reprimanded or even fined during the lockdown either last year or 2020? Or do you know of someone who was, are you going to try and get an apology or their conviction overturned when the report is out?

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 20-Jan-22 13:49:43

How silly.

Kim19 Thu 20-Jan-22 13:51:55

I would like to see every single person who was fined totally reimbursed.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 20-Jan-22 13:55:17

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Chestnut Thu 20-Jan-22 14:02:12

Why should anyone who broke the rules have an apology or their conviction overturned? Their actions were wrong, nothing else is relevant.

Pammie1 Thu 20-Jan-22 14:05:39

I don’t think it’s a matter of fines being reimbursed, no matter what the report says. If you broke the rules, you broke the rules. They were there for the protection of the public and if the report identifies that rules were broken at No 10, then the details should become a matter for the police to deal with and levy the appropriate fines. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

GagaJo Thu 20-Jan-22 14:05:52

No, I don't know anyone who was fined, but I know plenty who should have been. Starting with our PM and scumbag Cummings.

And why on earth should those who were get a refund? Break the rules, bear the consequences.

nadateturbe Thu 20-Jan-22 14:59:43

Agree with Gagajo

EllanVannin Thu 20-Jan-22 15:08:42

I knew someone who was fined, police at the door and all. The woman was having flowers delivered to her home as she wasn't going to her shop/ business. Working from home in other words. She was doing orders mainly for funerals and someone reported her. Her fine was for £10,000 but whether it was paid I don't know, or whether she'd disputed it.

Her business is within a locked unit so she couldn't have gone there in any case. She wasn't breaking any rules.

Nightsky2 Thu 20-Jan-22 15:11:05

An apology for what exactly.

Kali2 Thu 20-Jan-22 15:15:17

As others have said, I certainly hope that those who were fined for breaking the rule will not be exonarated- whatever happens to the Gray report. Just fine all those found it for breaking the rules, and present at said parties.

GagaJo Thu 20-Jan-22 15:17:22

I know someone who travelled abroad twice during lockdown for a holiday. Lied and said it was for work, but it wasn't. Nothing was done about it.

Coastpath Thu 20-Jan-22 15:27:44

This is an interesting twitter thread listing reasons people gave for breaking the rules which resulted in a fine. Some of the reasons are heartbreaking, some of the people seem unwell and for some I guess the fine was an expense they could ill afford.
Kirk Korner is the Courts Correspondent for the London Evening Standard.

It makes me angry that people like this were fined whilst Johnson and his party-going group knew they themselves were repeatedly breaking the rules and stood happily by and let the little people be fined. If Johnson et al had not been caught out they would quietly have let this unfairness slip by unnoticed and uncorrected. One rule and system for them, one rule and system for another. That's the measure of the people who made and broke their own rules.


“The Met has handed out 17,000 fines to Londoners for breaking lockdown rules, that disproportionately penalised Black and Asian people, who were almost twice as likely to be handed fines or arrested for breaches of the lockdown rules than white people.”
Professor Leslie Thomas QC.

Can this be fair.

To answer the OP question. No I wasn't reprimanded and no I wasn't fined. I tried not to break the rules but I have empathy for those who did in the circumstances, especially those who were so lonely, mentally ill or desperate they felt they had no choice.

GagaJo Thu 20-Jan-22 15:33:51

Never let it be said that the legal system in the UK is fair or representative. Not surprised at all, Coastpath. I guess Stop and Search (massive focus on ethnic minorities) had to go somewhere when everyone went into lockdown.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 20-Jan-22 15:38:13

A widowed friend of mine constantly broke the rules by visiting her children and grandchildren. She said lots of her friends did the same. I kept to the rules.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 20-Jan-22 16:16:31

EV, nobody was fined £10k unless they broke the rules in a big way and/or repeatedly. There was far more to that than wfh.

Sarnia Thu 20-Jan-22 16:27:52

Everyone who broke the rules should face the music and I do mean everyone.

JaneJudge Thu 20-Jan-22 16:32:39

I was stopped by the police and quite a few of my daughter's support staff were on the way to work. I'd been mindful to take paperwork to say I could be out so it was easily resolved.

Jaxjacky Thu 20-Jan-22 17:25:17

No, but various neighbours should have been.

nadateturbe Thu 20-Jan-22 17:29:02

An older couple in my area were sitting on seats outside their car at the seafront having a coffee. People complained on facebook and the police came. They used common sense and left them alone.

Chardy Thu 20-Jan-22 21:05:47

Remember two dog-walkers who drank coffee and were accused of having a picnic?
Student fined £10k for organising snowball fight

Grannybags Thu 20-Jan-22 21:17:38


Everyone who broke the rules should face the music and I do mean everyone.

I agree

Coastpath Thu 20-Jan-22 21:20:04

Thank goodness for that nadateturbe. When you consider how some of these rules were set up and enforced it makes you wonder if they actually did any good. I mean, what harm could sitting alone on a park bench ever have done anyone?

I am sure we will look back on roped off park benches and police moving people on from picnic blankets as utterly ludicrous.

GagaJo Thu 20-Jan-22 21:36:36

I don't think the restrictions were anywhere near strong enough. We should have had the army on the streets.

Coastpath Thu 20-Jan-22 22:00:22

The army on the streets? To stop people sitting on benches?